How to make a cat out of clay / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a cat out of clay / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Make a toy cat out of clay or a polymer mastic - it takes literally an hour. To clap a figure is equally easy from both materials, and we'll look at both options. cat

Cat of clay

We will need:

  • clay
  • plasticine board
  • toothpick
  • water in a plate
  • acrylic paints or water-colors
  • tassel

The amount of clay depends on the size of the catwe want to dazzle. Approximately estimate the size of the figure and, based on this, gain the amount of material. So, we divide a piece of clay into two parts. One will need to blind the body of the cat, the other - ears, cheeks, tail and paws. cat of clayFrom the greater part of the clay we mold the body. In form, it will resemble a bulky rounded cone. It must be stable. cat2Further from a small piece of clay we pinch off moremore miniature segment and we make of it sharp, cat ears. Then we moisten the fingers and elements with water, and gently attach the ears to the body. And we see that our figure is becoming more and more like a cat. cat of clayFurther, according to the same principle, one should blind cheeks, nose, eyes, tail. In the same way as described above, by moistening with water, you need to attach these parts to the body. clay When the image of a cat from a clay is ready, then with the help of a toothpick we draw a smile, pupils, freckles. In general, we add items to the toy. cat with big eyes After this, our cat must be dried. Preferably a couple of days. Then it can be painted with acrylic paints, or ordinary watercolors. And then everything depends on your imagination. painted cat

Cat from polymeric mastic

In fact, products made of polymer mastics are cleanexternally, they differ little from clay products. But the fact is that this material is more plastic, easy to use. In addition, it is better to keep the form and has a color variety. We will need:

  • a bit of polymer mastic pink, white and burgundy color
  • stack
  • toothpick

From pink polymeric mastics we roll a ball. This is the preparation of the future body. Then with the help of the stack we make the lines of the paws on it, the ends of the paws are made out with lumps of white mastic. cat from mastic From a piece of white mastic we cut out the circle and attach iton the cat's chest. In the center of the body we set a toothpick - it will hold a head. The head of the cat should be dazzled from a ball larger than the body. From white polymeric mastic we make round eyes and a nose of a cat. We attach it to the head, and the head to the body. From burgundy mastic we make a bow and decorate them with a kitten. To fasten parts from polymer mastic, it also requires a little water, as when working with clay.

And more seals of polymer clay

Manufacturing technology is presented in the photo. Loving cats: m cloves of clay kitty kate from clay The above works are just examples. Working with clay and polymeric mastic implies a lot of imagination. You can make several cats of clay, painting them in different colors. And from the mastic can sculpt any configuration of the cat - a thick householder or a flexible sphinx. With the help of polymeric mastic of contrasting shades, it is possible to sculpt strips, different color pupils, bows, hearts, etc. Successful needlework!