How to make Santa Claus out of clay, plasticine, mastic or dough. / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make Santa Claus out of clay, plasticine, mastic or dough. / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Better, kinder and more magical than Santa Claus, than he,which you will make with your own hands, will never be under your Christmas tree. And if you do not know how to make Santa Claus, then it's even great! You will find a surprisingly interesting discovery.

From polymer clay

To date, this material is the mostpopular among the masters of home creativity. And in fact, Santa Claus from polymer clay looks better than the real one, and the master class is not more difficult than sculpting from plasticine. We will need:

  • polymer clay (red, white and brown);
  • gel, brush;
  • red pastel (powder);
  • a thick needle;
  • blade;
  • toothpick.

  • To decorate the New Year's table you can fashiona delicious Santa Claus from mastic. You will need red, white and black color raw materials. The technique is the same as in the molding of plasticine. Roll the trunk with a cone with a diameter of 20-25 mm at the base and two thin sausages (white and black).
  • Pull out the sleeves and hands from the mastic. Floss your fingers with a toothpick.
  • Collect the torso of Santa Claus. Use plain water as an adhesive. To keep your hands better, pierce the body with the usual raw macaroni and plant the handpieces on both sides of it. Buckle make of two squares of mastic.
  • Shape the details of the head. Use stencils and molds.
  • Collect the head. Cheeks can be dyed with food coloring or beet.
  • Glue the head to the body.
  • Delicious beautiful Grandpa is ready to decorate any New Year's table. Also, but with a scythe instead of a beard and with a small spout, the Snow Maiden is sculpted.
  • From salted dough

    To sculpt figures from salted dough, instead of plasticine, mothers came up with for a long time, since any joint work with a child can not do without testing the material for a tooth. We make a Santa Claus out of doughThe whole process of making Santa Claus from saltedtest is shown in the photo. He does not differ much from crafts made of clay, mastic or plasticine. The only significant difference is that the material from the salted dough is not so plastic and thin. Painting raw materials can be food colors. And if there is no risk of being eaten, you can add the usual aniline dye to the dough. See the similar master classes: