How to dazzle Little Pony from clay, mastics, master classes / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to dazzle Little Pony from clay, mastics, master classes / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

One of the most popular cartoons is "Friendship -this is a miracle! "created seven new children's idols. These are charming ponies: Eppelgek, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Princess Rarity, Pinky Pye, Sparkle and Rainbow Desh. Why not make May Little Pony himself ?! Many, probably, know how to make a pony from plasticine. But, it turns out, these charming toys are also very tasty. pony from mastic

The sweetest horse

In order to make an ornament for a festive cake, we will need a multicolored mastic. Recipe:

  • soft marshmallow "Bon Paris" - 40 g;
  • butter - 100 g;
  • lemon juice to taste;
  • food coloring - 4 colors;
  • powdered sugar.

Mix marshmallows with butter, put in microwavebake for 30 minutes and mix thoroughly again. Again, warm up a little and add lemon juice and sugar. We divide the dough into separate parts and add the desired food color to each batch. The material for modeling is ready. By the way, you can use already prepared mastic. We will need:

  • mastic;
  • stack;
  • special sticks;
  • wooden rolling pin.

Manufacturing process

  • We make a thick sausage from mastic.
  • Roll the bun, which will become the head of Princess Rarity or the Moon. We put our head to the body and, moistening our fingers in the water, smooth out the seams.
  • Pull the letter "P" out of the trunk. The letters of the letters will later become legs. We make four legs out of two, cutting them in half along the length.
  • To smooth out the sharp corners and support, put the figure on the rolling pin. By the way, to increase the plasticity, you can put it again in a microwave for a few seconds.
  • Drawing the appropriate tools with the mouth and nostrils on the face, we make dents for the eyes.
  • We make small ears separately, moisten them with water and attach them to the head. We roll tiny balls and stick them to the eye sockets.
  • We smear the white ball of mastic, we also deal with blue and black, each time decreasing.
  • We make small ribbons and make chic eyelashes.
  • And now we decide what kind of beauty we are shaping. If it's Rarity, then attach it a horn between the ears and a lush lilac mane with a tail.
  • These cheerful May Little Ponies of mastic can decorate the cake to any children's holiday.
  • pony from masticHow to make a pony from another material

    From plasticine or polymer clay pony from plasticineThe technique of making figures from this materialWe are familiar from a deep childhood. In order for plasticine to take the outlines of a small horse, it is enough to follow the order fixed in photographs. From clay, this natural material has served people for thousands of years. From time immemorial, dishes, household items, toys, etc. were made from it. Clay deposits are also being developed today for use in construction and in everyday life. Ponies from ordinary natural clay do not look as smooth and tasty as from mastic, but they carry the warmth of the earth and human hands. pony of clayFigures of clay must first be dried, and then burn in the oven. pony of clayThen they are painted and varnished.