How to make a whistle of clay with your own hands, master class, description / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to make a whistle of clay with your own hands, master class, description / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Clay is taken out of the earth in already known places. In the central strip of Russia, this natural fossil material can be found almost everywhere. Clay should be allowed to stay for several months in a large container. It should periodically pour water and cover with film for a relative tightness. Take the soaked clay, spread it on a piece of cloth and dry it. Then break the pieces with a hammer until the loose state of the sand, putting them first in the sacking. Sift clay sand through a sieve. Again, fill with water at a ratio of 1: 2 for one day. Remove the clay and, putting it on a flat surface, dry it to the working state.

Toys made of clay

A whistle made of clay


In order to make a craft, you will need:

  • prepared clay;
  • bake;
  • sticks, stacks.

Our ancestors in every village knew how to do it.whistle from clay to please the children. Technology is not lost, and fishing is reviving, and today in many stores you can buy demanded clay toys. You can make yourself such a Gorodets whistle.

  • Roll a ball the size of a chicken egg. Make a dent in the middle with your thumb.
  • Wrap a clay pancake around your finger. Without taking off, form the head of our craft.
  • Remove from the finger of the workpiece and gently join the edges of the hole, keeping the cavity inside the toy.
  • Smooth with wet fingers the sides of the whistles.
  • Cut a hole in the bottom of the tail.
  • Put the wand along the hole and toss over it a patch of clay.
  • Check the whistle for musical qualities. They can be adjusted by increasing and decreasing the size of the holes.
  • Now begins modeling of decorative details of the toy, using water as an adhesive. Clamp the legs for better stability, scallop, beak and eyes. Draw a stack on the wings.
  • Make on each side two small through holes for the ability to change the key of the melody and extract not only the sound, but also the music.
  • With a damp sponge, smooth out all the roughnesses, leave to dry for 3-4 hours, then put the oven in the oven at 800 ° C for 8 hours.
  • After firing, the whistle can slightly change the tonality of the sound.
  • Bird-whistle

    Kostroma Cockerel

    The principle of production is the same, with the exception of a few nuances:

    • thin lines of pattern, characteristic patterns and refinement of processing;
    • raw materials - red clay;
    • glaze application.

    To decorate a clay toy glaze is necessarydouble firing. The first preliminary lasts 1 hour at a temperature of 200 ° C. Next, a layer of glaze is applied to the clay, and the craft is again placed in the oven for several hours. Kostroma CockerelGlaze, this is a glass alloy (expanded clay), which is better to buy in the store. By the way, it is not necessary to apply it to the entire surface. You can dream up and make a glaze drawing on a whistle.

    Dymkovo toys

    Dymkovo toysThese clay crafts are known all over the world. The whistles are made just like the others, but they are distinguished by merry colors. Traditionally, the burnt clay in the village of Dymkovo was painted with tempera and natural dyes, making them on milk and eggs. Now you can easily replace them with acrylic paints. After the modeling and roasting is finished, pick up a brush and paint the Dymkovo whistle, not forgetting that the main background should be white.