How to sew a Santa Claus costume. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to sew a Santa Claus costume. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

There are holidays in which even adults feelyourself a little bit of children, waiting for a miracle and want the magic. Especially it concerns the winter holidays - New Year and Christmas. And the main character there, of course, will be Grandfather Frost himself - the favorite of the children and the long-awaited guest on every Christmas tree. In order to thoroughly prepare for the holiday, it is necessary not only to think over the menu or buy gifts, but also to make Santa Claus costume with your own hands, especially since It is not so difficult. Santa Claus

What is the outfit of New Year's grandfather?

Santa Claus costumes can be very different, independing on the traditions not only of this or that country, but also of different localities, regions and even cities. If you look at St. Nicholas, who was the forerunner of Santa Claus, then in his outfit combined bright blue or soft blue and white colors, in Santa Claus - an overseas relative - a red suit consists of trousers, shirt, waistcoat, short gown or even a jacket. Also, unlike our Frost, he does not have a traditional staff. Domestic Santa Claus puts on rich red clothes:

  • a good coat (robe) in the floor;
  • belt or sash to tie it up;
  • cap;
  • boots or felt boots;
  • mittens.

His suit can be of all shades of redcolors - from bright scarlet to maroon. Grandfather also wears a fluffy white beard / mustache and long hair. He walks with a bag (with gifts) and a staff. Before you make a Santa Claus costume, decide on the color, style and look of the future outfit. Then think about what you will sew. You can choose brocade, velvet, jacquard, satin, velor, drape, etc. Will you take a long fur or short, will you make a warmer for a suit (grandpa is going to perform outdoors or indoors, wear a suit on a naked body or on clothes) - you need to answer all these questions in advance in order to understand how and with what to work. Prepare as many different ornaments for the outfit: plastic snowflakes, tinsel, sequins, sequins, beads, etc. For shoes, you can choose the usual black boots,shoes or felt boots and decorate them with tinsel or fur. If you are preparing a slightly shortened coat, look for shoes in white (it will also need to be decorated). Mittens or gloves can use the most usual (in the color of the suit - red, white, blue). The grandfather's hat also varies. As a rule, it consists of several parts:

  • top part;
  • bottom;
  • band.

Caps OptionsThe band is made from thick paper or fromheavily starched cotton. It will need to be sewn to the cap to keep it better. You can make a hat in the form of a cap with a pompon on the end (cut an isosceles triangle from the fabric and sew it, insert a lining of fine sintepon). The bag can be sewn from a simple pillowcase , it should be a suitable color). It is easy to tailor it in the form of an ordinary rectangle, only it will be necessary to make a kuliska for strings at the neck. Be sure to decorate the bag in the same style as you did Santa Claus costume. The magic staff can be made from a mop, a wooden handle or a long plastic stick. It will need to be painted with silvery or golden paint (aeroballonchik), wrapped in foil or satin ribbons, complemented with tinsel, sequins, silver braid and rhinestones. At the top, you can attach a star (cut it out of a dense packing cardboard, in the same way, paint or decorate). To create a miracle for children, wrap the staff with a garland of light bulbs and hide the box with batteries or the remote in your pocket. There was only a small part - to make a magnificent beard and a mustache for the grandfather.

  • You can make them with artificial fur - just cut to the right size, fastening the ends and sewing the elastic band.
  • With a paper pattern cut out the blanks of cotton cloth and fabric. Sew them with each other, making strands of cotton wool (you can fix curls with hairspray).
  • The beard is made even from ordinary clothesline, which is disassembled into separate wavy threads and sewn to a piece of white cloth in the desired shape. Beard
  • In a similar way, you can make a beard out of felt,sintepon and paper. Especially experienced grandfathers paint complex make-up and use real overhead parts. If you want, you can also paint your cheeks and nose, eyebrows. Of course, the child probably does not need it. To supplement the image (in the western manner) you can use glasses, a smoking pipe and other small accessories.