How to mold a plasticine from a dog; from clay or mastic, video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to mold a plasticine from a dog; from clay or mastic, video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A dog is an animal, symbolizing for manyloyalty, loyalty, reliability and strong friendship. Her constant presence in life brings positive emotions, raises self-esteem, brings to life a variety and interest. In view of the fact that living creatures can not always be close, they can be replaced, for example, dogs made of clay or mastic - animals made by oneself. Dogs made of polymer clay are more practical and durable.

General procedure for modeling

  • We sculpt the trunk. A piece of white plasticine is warmed up by hand, palms roll out a ball, one of its edges is sharpened in the form of a pear. We put it aside.
  • We make a head out of a little bigger ball. To do this, you need to stretch one edge evenly, giving it a resemblance to the muzzle. We follow the symmetry and smoothness of the lines.
  • It's behind the paws. The starting element is also a ball. From it on the dostichke roll rolls, which in a ratio of 1: 2 in length bends at right angles. Such elements need 2 - these are the hind legs of a sitting friend. Two more front legs - two even sausages.
  • Eggs, a spout and specks for the whole body are made of black plasticine. We follow that the natural proportions are observed.
  • We collect the dog from all the harvested parts together.
  •  doggie made of clay or mastic The same model can be molded from mastic, for example, to decorate a cake, a sweet salad, a pie, a cheesecake.

    Lepim the Dalmatian

    We make a dog of clay or mastic The brightness of the coloring of such a friend will never allow him to be confused with his congeners. Therefore, you need:

    • plasticine white, black and red (for the tongue) colors (can be used and polymer clay);
    • dostochka for modeling;
    • set of sticks for modeling (stacks).

    Still need a good mood, because at that time the figure will receive a kind and positive character.

    Modeling of the dachshund

    From what you can still fashion a friend?

    A good material is polymer clay. It is a modern synthetic substance based on polyvinyl chloride. It hardens at a temperature of 110 degrees, so it can reliably retain the shape that has been given to the material for a long time. Nature as if specially made this material for handmade creativity. The clay of polymer clay, unlike a fellow from plasticine or from mastic, is able to "settle in the house" for a long time. It can be the famous "Beethoven" or any other breed.