How to mold the clay of smeshariki: master classes, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to mold the clay of smeshariki: master classes, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Funny cartoon characters "Smeshariki" verylike children. You can, of course, buy ready-made toys, but for kids it's much more interesting to learn how to make drowsy houses of Smeshariki from plasticine and other available materials. Even a beginner will cope with these heroes. The result is a handsome little cute, and the kids will have a legitimate reason to be proud of their achievements. It's not difficult to make smeshariki if you use a step-by-step approach and a simple scheme for creating them. A step-by-step master class will be very simple for the repetition of the youngest children, of course, under the supervision of adults.

Materials and tools for manufacturing

It is important not only to learn how to make plasticine from Smeshariki, but also what materials to use. You can use different materials:

  • Salty dough.
  • Polymer clay.
  • Plasticine.
  • Mastic from sugar for decorating cakes and many other substances.
  • It's easier to blend a plasticine smesharik, thiscan and the child. The figure of the character from the cartoon is simple, it's an ordinary ball, on which various parts are staged. With such a craft and an inexperienced master will cope, and make a small amount of details will not be the most confident hand.


    The resulting smelters from plasticine do not look likeworse than the original. For a start, you can make all your favorite smesharika. This Sowunya is a charming and sweet owl. For its manufacture, a very simple instruction is needed:

  • The owl consists of a base in the form of a ball. This is her little head and body at the same time.
  • To create a bird, a rich purple clay is used.
  • After the creation of the head, ears are made in the form of two triangles and fastened to the corresponding place.
  • Eyes are two balls of white material, flattened in discs and fortified on the "face".
  • The beak is made of red plasticine.
  • Lastly, purple eyelids, wings, black paws and pupils are made. The top of the head is decorated with a funny cap in the form of a narrow cone.
  • All is ready! To successfully sculpt the confused figure, it took a minimum of time, and the result - stunning! Owl from plasticine


    On the Internet you can find smeshariki from masticstep by step master class. It will come in handy if you want to make decorations for a birthday cake for a baby. The Cleavage Losana from clay helps prepare for this procedure:

  • For starters, the ball is rolled from the yellow plasticine - the torso of the animal.
  • White round eyes are already fixed on him in a familiar way.
  • Between them a good nose is placed - we all remember that Losyash stands out for them. Use for this brown clay, not too dark.
  • From dark brown or black material, make horns and strengthen them on the crown. Rotik outline a crookedly located bracket of a strip of dark color.
  • It remains only to add voluminous hoofs and pens of yellow color and insert into the eyes pupils of peppercorns - and our hero is already ready.
  • Moose from plasticine


    After figuring out how to make Smeshariki from plasticine,It's easy to understand how Barash will turn out. A pink color is selected for this character. Small steep horns, claws and a delicate little nose are made black. The eyes are exactly the same as all the other heroes. Curls of wool in the form of balls, legs and pens, the ears are made of the material of the trunk, that is, pink. Barash of plasticine


    Cute and completely not prickly Hedgehog - one of the most beloved children's characters. In many ways, because of him, they want to know how to mold the Smeshariki from plasticine. The hedgehog is made simply:

  • The blank in the form of a ball becomes a trunk and a head.
  • Of black plasticine you need to fashion many volumetric triangles. They will become the hedgehogs of the Hedgehog, if you adorn them with half of his calf.
  • The main detail of this hero, which makes himrecognizable - these are glasses. For them, white discs are taken and neatly wrapped in black "sausages". Do not forget about the bow. As a result, we get a very similar to a cartoon figure. Add realistic legs and pens, ears of red material and a small spout with a mouth, depicted perpendicular lines.
  • This glorious animal perfectly fits into the existing company. Hedgehog from plasticine


    Lovely rabbit Krosh is obtained from all children. For him, blue plasticine is needed, but smokariki from sugar mastic are also good. It's easy to remove it, because it does not have very small details:

  • As in previous cases, the ball is the basis.
  • Separately, large ears, legs, hands are made-all of this is blue. The parts are neatly attached to the seats.
  • Eyes are created, as in other cases.
  • The nose of the rabbit is a small red ball.
  • More attention will have to be given to the mouth. For him, at a certain distance down, you need to make a cut in the form of a smile and put a piece of red and two large white teeth into it. Our bunny is smiling at us!
  • Crown from plasticine


    Nyusha's pig is a charming pink young lady, you'll have to work hard to create it. For work you will need pink, red and white clay, a little brown. The process is as follows:

  • On the body - the ball is attached to the white eyes, dark-pink eyelids are made, the pupils are dots.
  • From the very thinly rolled brown material we make the eyelashes of the woman of fashion - long, beautiful and curled.
  • For the patch, the red plasticine and white are mixed. The ball is flattened, fastened to the place and makes two dents - nostrils.
  • Roll up thick legs and pens, decorate them with red hoofs.
  • The most difficult thing remains - the guinea's hair. It is made from two red disks, "pigtails" - from small balls, built up by a pyramid, and all this magnificence ends with a bundle of "hair" - tassels.
  • Nyusha from plasticine


    When all the basic smeshariki of plasticine are finished, you can make Pina. He seems a complex figure, but in fact it is not so:

  • White eyes are made of white material and a semicircular white pusiko.
  • A large red beak and legs are the distinguishing features of this hero. The beak is molded in the form of a large triangle, in the middle of which an incision is made. Now you need to fix all the details.
  • Wings of the penguin are two details of a drop-shaped shape of black color. They are attached at the sides, so that they fit fairly tightly.
  • The finishing touch is a large flat hat. Its best to do brown, so that the aviator's blue glasses are better visible.
  • Pin of plasticine


    This toed bears probably had time to make your child laugh with his reasoning! So why not blind him to a ready-made company of friends? Choose for Kotapych mastic orange orlight brown color, and the trunk master class advises to do a little more than for the other little animals. After all, Kotapych is already an adult and quite an accomplished economic bear! kotapychUsing the stack, create facial features andstick the toy eyes. Over the eyes, you can attach thin black strips of mastic - expressive eyebrows eyebrows. On the head of the bear must necessarily be small bear ears of the same color as the trunk. And also - a straw hat. The tail of the bear in shape is similar to the tail of Krosh.


    The trunk of Kar Karych must be dark blue,gray or black colors. Legs should not be in the form of columns, but thin and similar to bird's. To do this, take the wire from which to make the framework of the two bird's legs, cover with yellow mastic and insert into the lower part of the trunk. Remember that the strength of the foot structure depends on the stability of the entire figure of the animal. The hands of Kar Karych also differ from the rest. It's not even hands - it's wings! From the mastic of a color similar to the trunk, form droplets, the thickened end of which is slightly cut 3-4 times, so that they look like feathers. Stick to the desired place on the trunk. Using the stack, you need to make the necessary facial features. In this case, with white mastic you form the eyes, and with the help of a pink, yellow or orange small cone - the beak. Smeshariki from plasticineOur characters are ready.For a change, you can work with other substances, for example, buy plasticine, which can be made solid, like ceramics, in hot water or in an oven, in an oven. Kids will be very happy with these toys, because they can not only admire, but also play with them various skitski.Kogda we from plasticine with children we mold the Smeshariki, then we do not just have fun together and enjoy. Children learn to work with different materials, feel the shape, color and texture, and they also develop speech and memory in parallel. Scientists have proved that the development of fine motor skills has a great effect on this function.