How to knit gloves with knitting needles, master class for beginners

How to knit gloves with knitting needles, master class for beginners


For those of you who want to learn how to knitDense simple male or openwork female gloves with knitting needles, this lesson is offered with a detailed description of the work. In addition to the description in the lesson, there are necessary schemes for needlework. It's about how to tie this product classically, that is, using five spokes. The lesson is supplemented with the corresponding photo and video materials, which describe in detail and show how different gloves are knit.

Men's Classic Gloves

Classic knitting techniques for glovesSuggests the beginning of the needlework to perform with the elastic on the wrist. The pattern for gloves is chosen depending on who they are intended for. This can be a relief or jacquard pattern, which is suitable for almost everyone, or an openwork exclusively for women. The real master class is better to start with simple gloves with garter stitching, which is more suitable for beginners. More often this man-made gloves are performed. For example, we knit a left glove.

Before you start, you need to carefully measureWith palms that start with the wrist. In the example, the length of the brush around the circle is nineteen centimeters. Next is the length before the start of the thumb, equal to six centimeters. The third measure is the distance to the little finger, equal to nine centimeters. The last size to the index finger. We begin knitting gloves from a set of sixty loops (P) on two spokes, removing one of them after typing. The first row is made with an elastic band 1 * 1, and we place all the loops equally on four spokes. The fifth is ready for work. Be sure to note the first with a pin for orientation. Note that on the numbers 1 and 2 are the top of the product, and on the third and fourth the lower part of the glove. We continue the needlework, closing it in a circle. Note also that in the circular knitting there are no edge loops completely.

Knitting gloves in a classic way beginsWith a rubber band 1 * 1, the length of which each needlewoman determines at will, from two to nine centimeters. After the gum follows the thumb, and for this, the loops are added. For a glove on the left hand, the wedge is placed on No. 4, and on the right one on No. 3. You can proceed to it directly, or by doing several rows of stocking knit. We add two loops with nacs, one of which is done before the last П of the fourth number, and the second after it. Next, three circles are performed without added loops, tying nakidy for the back thread, otherwise the canvas will appear holes. The knitting of the right glove is different, and the napkin is made on the third issue, but at the very beginning. So gradually we perform the addition at the end and beginning of the rows under Nos. 4 and 3, but in three or four circles. Additions of P must be made through one, 3, 5 or 7 P, that is, they must be an odd number. After completing the length of the wedge height, that is six centimeters by the measure, we finish with the addition of loops, and place them on two additional pins.

Above these P are dialed air loops,Half the amount. One circle can be executed with those units that already exist in the work, without changing their number. Then we reduce P on the fourth spoke, making two loops together. We reduce it until it remains, as in the beginning. In our case, this is 15 pieces (pcs).
Then you need to continue knitting to the point of the little finger, andAgain place P to continue working. To properly place everything, we will distribute it on the 8th share, on the 8th pcs plus 4. Each share has fifteen pcs. To the index is added two, and from the nameless the same two pieces are eliminated. As a result, for the little finger we have fifteen P, the nameless will take thirteen pcs, the middle fifteen and the index seventeen.

Between them, you must make airLoops to make them jumpers. The whole layout of P is executed in the form of a graphical scheme, which must then be followed completely. Now make a hole for the little finger. When P ends on the second spoke, it is necessary to remove 9 pieces on an additional pin, and put the second pin on the 7th P from the third number. Then on the second number four air P are formed, and all the last P are drawn to No. 3. As a result, P remains on three spokes, and the fourth we will knit. In this state, the work continues for three or four laps, until they reach the start of the thumb.
At this stage, it is necessary to begin to untyingThe index finger. He knits on the first issue (at the beginning), and at the end of the fourth. In this case, the number of P is seventeen units. After completing the loops of the jumper, we will get them in the amount of twenty-one, that is, 4 pieces will be added. Knitting of the index finger is made on three spokes, and the P are therefore divided into three parts. We knit nine P on the first number, others we put on additional devices (except the eight extreme ones, which are typed on two spokes). All the units with the number 1 are divided into two parts, of which 7 go to a new one, and two remain in their place, where it is necessary to add four airplanes. Next we knit one П with the next, resulting in 7 pieces on each. Next, we knit the circular rows to the end, and do the reduction until there are two units everywhere.

At the end, tighten the loops tightly, stitching them. After the index, the middle finger of fifteen P plus eight is executed, in the total of 23 (8 + 8 + 7). His knitting is done in the same technique. We remove everything from the pins and put them on the spokes, that is, 8 pieces from the top of the glove to the first, and 7 from the bottom to No. 2. Now we will collect four units from the lintel, and we knit as much more. After that, enter the fourth number to execute 4 pieces that remain, and add four more air. After that, there are twenty-three units in the work, that is, 8 + 8 and 7 others. Finish the middle finger with the same technique as the index finger, after which the unnamed one knits. Remove P from the pins and place, in an amount of 7 + 7 + 3. We will pick up where there are three units, another P. This will just be P on the middle finger. We knit P in a circular fashion, as usual. For the little finger, P is removed from the extra spokes and left on two spokes, then four P are picked up from the jumper.

As a result, we have nineteen П in the work,Which we distribute 7 + 6 + 6. We continue to knit in the usual technique. Now the knitting of the thumb remains. It is performed on two spokes, with loops from the pin and recruited from the hole. Knitting is done on a circular line. In the nail area, decreases are performed, then the loops are sewn and fixed. At this stage, we figured out how to tie knit gloves with knitting needles.

This video master class is designed specificallyfor beginners. To consolidate the knowledge of knitting classic men's gloves, you need to carefully look at it to the end. From the video of the lesson you will learn many features and details, so you can easily connect gloves.
Video: Gloves with 5 spokes

Knitting of women's openwork gloves

In conclusion of the lesson you are offered a scheme, following which you will link one more gloves, but this time already beautiful openwork, for women who know a lot about fashion.

Following the instructions of the scheme, you will certainly connect the beautiful openwork gloves.

Photo MK knitting high gloves

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