How to make a machine from plasticine or clay. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a machine from plasticine or clay. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The best way to grow a healthy, loving youson with a rich inner world and fantasy - this is a regular joint exercise of modeling of plasticine. And this is not an exaggeration! When you together with your own hands turn colored plastic bars into similar to real figures and objects:

  • the baby develops small motor skills of the hands, he learns to control his fingers;
  • fantasy beats the key. The child represents pieces of plasticine with cars, little men and koloboks;
  • any joint work unites, brings together children and parents.

The first typewriter from plasticine

For a little boy everything that has wheels,seems like a typewriter. Help him to make such a vehicle. Give the wheels that can become lids, pyramid details and even large buttons, and clay plasticine. The first typewriter from plasticineTo blind machines from whole pieces of plasticineyou can simply, giving them the appropriate shape and attaching four wheels. Show how to do this to your son, and he will repeat for you and build his own hand crafted the first clay craft. The first machine from plasticine-2

The car from the cartoon

It is interesting for all children to make models of plasticine that they have already seen on TV and know their stories.

  • Roll the ball, give it the shape of a pear. Press out a mouth-bumper stack and dimples for the eyes. Put the white balls in the dimples.

The car from the cartoon

  • Attach the spout. Pupils can be made from poppy seeds. For children to roll balls for wheels and a little flatten them will not be difficult. After selling the means, attach the wheels on the sides of the machine from plasticine.

Car of the cartoon-2

  • It remains to dazzle the cap and attach the wire with the flag.

The car from the cartoon-3

  • Another cartoon car can be dazzled according to the scheme proposed in the photo.

The car from the cartoon-4

  • A small red car with black wheels.

The car from the cartoon-5


This machine made of plasticine can make any small beginner sculptor.

  • It consists of a cabin, four flattened ball-wheels and a rectangular cockpit.


  • Connect all the details and draw a stack of doors, windows and lights.


Sports car

A sports car made of plasticine or polymer clay can be made according to the following scheme.

  • Roll the sausage.

Sports car

  • Roll out the layers of material with a rolling pin and cut out parts of the machine from the colored plasticine with a template and a knife.

Sports car-2

  • Press out the wheels on the wheels, marking the disks. Collect all the details. The car is ready.

Sports car-3


A great way for children who already know how to draw,get acquainted with artistic modeling. Draw a car of any brand on the cardboard. Roll a lot of small colorful balls and attach them on the cardboard in the right place. Picture