How to sew letters of a pillow from a fabric with own hands / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to sew letters of a pillow from a fabric with own hands / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Pillows-letters can be called a trend of the lasttime. However, such interesting products have something to love: they are creative, bright and, of course, useful. Would someone have refused on his own behalf, nicely disguised as bukovok on the couch? pillow letters By the way, you can collect and decompose not onlyhis name, but also the names of children, relatives and even pets. Everything, what is your fantasy and creative mood. Interested? Then we suggest to plunge into the world of needlework and still learn how to sew pillows-letters with your own hands.

We prepare materials

In order to create such beauty, you will need quite ordinary and standard materials:

  • directly the fabric from which the pillows will be made;
  • thread;
  • filler;
  • scissors;
  • Pins;
  • paper for the pattern;
  • chalk, soap or a simple pencil (to create a pattern);
  • ruler or centimeter tape;
  • sewing machine.

Pillows-letters must necessarily be voluminous,so the fabric needs to take several types: the main (for the front and back of the future pillow) and the side (for the side parts of the pillow). As for the coloring, the fabric can be very different: monochrome light or dark or bright, with motley patterns and extraordinary prints. Guided by their own desires, sensations and the interior of the room, in which the pillows will be - do not go wrong. 443f7e700605bbf4c0d29010bf2d7211Threads must also match the fabric in color,otherwise it will be something very strange and not very beautiful. As a filler material, cotton wool, sintepon (has proved to be a good enough filler) or pieces of fabric can be used if you have a lot of them, but there is nothing else at hand. In this case, prepare for the fact that the pillows will get a little loose or too hard, and sometimes they will be empty. After all the materials in the collection, and you are charged with good mood and optimism, you can start working.

Sequence of work

In order to sew a pillow-letter, you needfirst, draw this letter. On paper, draw a pattern of the selected letter and then transfer to the main fabric two such parts, of course, in a mirror image. If you do not draw well, just print the letter of the required size, cut it out and also transfer it to the fabric. On the seams allowance also do not forget - 0.7 cm or 1 cm is enough. e1b664ba3702dba6a094a685fc58b3a8From other fabrics it is necessary to cut out strips forlateral part of the letter. The length of such a strip is the diameter of the future letter (it is better to make it longer, the remains can always be cut off), but the width is calculated by the following formula: the width of the letter + two allowances for the seams. After the fabric has been cut, you can start assembling the parts together . To begin with, it is worth sewing that very side strip to the front of the letter. You can do this with threads (sweep), or you can use the pins for chipping. In the outer corners, it is necessary to carefully cut the lateral tissue, in the inner - the main one. Do not forget about stitching details. If the selected letter contains a hole (0, A, P, H), then the side strip of fabric will need to be sewn to the edge of this hole. If the letter does not have a hole, we begin sewing the back of the letter (we again use pins, cut the corners and grind the parts). Everything is sewn on the typewriter, neatly and without hurrying. After this matter is done, the letter can be unscrewed. The next step is the filling process. You need to do this carefully: the filler should be in all parts of the letter, especially in the farthest corners. After the pillow has turned into a large, soft and voluminous thing, left to fill the hole you need to sew up with hidden stitches. The final step is to steam the resulting pillow. The iron with steam will best cope with this. Long, long, until the letter does not take the form of presentation. Ready! If you did everything right, then you got a bright, soft and very nice letter-pillow. If you still miss something, we suggest watching an instructive video. Pleasant needlework!