How to sew gnomes: from fabric, felt, capron and tilde-gnome. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to sew gnomes: from fabric, felt, capron and tilde-gnome. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Who are the gnomes? These are fairy-tale characters, dwarfs who live underground and are famous for their untold wealth. And they are great masters and almost magicians. It used to be that they all have beards, but now this version is revised because the dwarf can not be born with a beard. Earlier people thought that all gnomes are evil, greedy and insidious, that they are sitting on their chests with gold and no one of them give. Now this characteristic is also revised. Every year we make dwarfs, that they bring us gifts. But for all times there was one unchanging sign by which you can immediately recognize it - it's a hood! If the toy is in the cap with the bells, then this is a dwarf! So now we will make puppets in caps.

Tilda the gnome

Bright New Year gnomes on your Christmas tree can notonly to hang one by one, but also to dance around the furry green paws. To do this, you just need to sew some of these funny little men from the fabric. Such a garland will be as long as you want. It can be placed on the Christmas trees or near the fireplace, this merry trinity can be attached to the canvas, placed in a frame and hung on the wall. Copy the patterns, make patterns from paper, and then cut out as many details from the fabric as indicated on the photo. These details are enough for three gnomes. We make tilde-gnomeCut out the trunk from the white fabric, leaving the allowance for the seams. If you want to make a body solid color, you can soak the fabric for half an hour in tea brewing. We make tilde-gnomeStitch the cut details along solid lines and turn them to the front side by tucking the non-sewn bottom into the inside. We make tilde-gnomeSimilarly, you need to sew the legs and Christmas scarves. We make tilde-gnomeFill the stitched parts with a sintepon or other filler, pin the legs to the trunk with pins, and then sew. We make tilde-gnomeNext, you need to make doll clothes. It can be sewn from a bright colored or monophonic fabric. First we spread the shirt over the shoulder seams, then it processes the neck, we remove the side seams and turn the sleeves. We make tilde-gnomeFirst we sew the upper seams and then the trousers. We sew length, we turn the belt and put on the gnomes their outfits. We make tilde-gnomeIn the belt on the shorts you can lay wrinkles, so that they are denser sat on the waist. Tie the rag dolls a scarf and glue the hair of synthetic yarn onto their heads. We make tilde-gnomeNew Year's dwarfs must necessarily be with caps. Start with a pattern of a cone made of felt. Then try on, sew, turn and dress them in little men. We make tilde-gnomeSew the bells to the felt hats. We make tilde-gnomeEvery New Year gnome should bring Christmas presents to the house. Therefore, we will give each one a bag and make a small garland of dwarfs.

Dwarf of cones

If you have an open, already discarded seeds,pine cones, you can make them funny dwarfs. Take a large bead or any suitable sized bead and glue it to the top of the bump. We make tilde-gnomePatterns will not be needed, just cut out the cone from the felt and sew a cap. Make a scarf, sew a bellskin, draw eyes and dress gnomes. We make tilde-gnome

Christmas Gnome Herbalists

Such a gift for the holiday will not only bepleasant, but also useful. After all, the most medicinal herb in the world will lie in a bag of cotton bright cloth. Glue a wooden ball to the bag. It will be a head, so draw a cheerful face on it. And again, sew and put a feather cap on the ball so that our little man can rightly consider himself a gnome. We make a dwarf herbalist

New Year's gnome made of cloth

This video shows how easy it is to sew a tilde gnome, the funniest gnome of all. To do this you will need:

  • felt of two colors (red and gray);
  • bead for the nose;
  • two wooden shoes;
  • two strips of knitted cloth for feet;
  • glue;
  • artificial fur or synthetic yarn for a beard;
  • filler;
  • threads for embroidery.

This tilde dwarf can sit or hang on the tree. Another option in the video below and a pattern: gnome pattern

Gnome Spittle from capron

Here is the most detailed and understandablea master class on how to make a wonderful toy from a nylon. And nothing that he is sleeping and, in fact, not quite a dwarf. But, firstly, the dwarves are also asleep. And, secondly, we have already decided that the status of the gnome determines his headdress. Therefore, if you do not wear a bonnet made of capron on this charming doll, cut out from the toe heel, and a cap with a bells, it will be a real sleeping dwarf.

Gnome in just 30 minutes

Dwarf from an old sweatshirt