How to insulate wooden windows with your own hands for a long time

How to insulate wooden windows with your own hands for a long time

If your apartment still has oldwooden windows, then you are sure to freeze in winter, because through them penetrates a large amount of cold air. In addition to the curing of the room, windows of the Soviet model are characterized by inflation, which are fraught with very serious colds. To avoid cold and drafts, it is necessary to insulate windows as much as possible. You can do this in many different ways, including using putty, window scotch, etc. Because of the slots you need to insulate the old windows But we will consider only one most effective and convenient way to insulate windows with our own hands. It is combined and will cost about 400-500 rubles per window.

We work with glasses

Glass on Soviet windows did not get stuck, butonly fixed a wooden bead from the inside or outside (depending on the design of the window). Therefore, there is a gap between the glass and the window frame, through which cold air safely penetrates. Accordingly, to insulate the windows with their own hands it is necessary to get rid of this slit. For this:

  • Carefully using several spatulas or flat screwdrivers, we remove all the glazing beads from the window.
  • Remove the glass.
  • The place where the glass is adjacent to the tree, wash with warm water and soap and let it dry.
  • After complete drying, we put there a transparent silicone, install the glass and nail the glazing beads.
  • Immediately remove the rag with the remains of silicone sealant, trapped on the glass and wooden profile.

If the glazing beads are badly worn, it makes sense to change them to new ones, which can be bought at the building store. They cost cheap.

We ensure tight closing of the leaflets

Another place of penetration of cold air -this is the gap between the window frame and the sash. They can be removed when restoring the window using a putty, but this is very, very difficult (the result is not worth the effort). It is much more effective to use a conventional rubber sealant on a self-adhesive basis. It is glued along the entire perimeter of the leaf at the point where it contacts the frame. The task of the sealant is to shrink when the leaf is closed, thereby removing the existing slot and making the window much warmer. Warming of wooden windows with a sealant Before gluing it is necessary to wash the window with a soapysolution, allow to dry and degrease the place where the sticking of a cloth soaked in alcohol will be performed. Acetone is best not to use, it can easily damage the paintwork. When you insulate the windows with your own hands, you can also use a mortise seal. It is more durable and efficient, but it costs more and is much more difficult to install. Under it you need to milled a groove along the perimeter of the frame or leaf, which, without having the experience of woodworking, can not be made qualitatively, most likely, it will not work. You can ruin the window.

Remove other clearances

When insulating wooden windows with your own handsusually the above two steps are sufficient. But on some windows the wood is cracked so much that crevices appear and in the places where the window profile joins. Cold air will also blow from them, so they must be sealed. This can be done in a grandfather's way using putty or scotch (putty is stuffed into a slot, adhesive tape is glued over the slit). Warming of windows with sealant But the gaps should be sealed with transparent siliconesealant, the more it will remain after gluing the glasses and buy nothing extra. Advantages of combined window insulation The method of window insulation by one's own hands, which is described above is the most effective and practical. It will significantly increase the thermal insulation of the window and reduce the level of noise from the street. Equally important is that it will last for 3-4 years, or even more, that is, you will not have to insulate windows every fall. Plus there will be no restrictions on the opening of the wings, as in the case of using a window putty or special window scotch. So do not use antiquated ways, because modern ones are much simpler and better!