How to weave ribbons from ribbons in different ways (photo)

How to weave ribbons from ribbons in different ways (photo)


Ribbons made of ribbons are colored bracelets,Which weave in many ways. Most likely, at school age, you had the same hand-crafted article. Bracelets were spun from anything, namely, beads, from elastic bands and laces, from threads of mulina and ribbons. Weave such needlework, every girl could in the yard.
How to weave bra from ribbons, always askSuch a question, beginner needlewomen. Ribbons made of ribbons, weaving themselves, almost from each textile material, which changes shape well. As a result of the work, a ribbon from ribbons, dresses on the hand to serve as an ornament. Basically, weaving bra from the ribbons, make as a sign of friendship. And then, they give it to their close friend or friend, as a sign of love and respect.

Not many people know where the banners came from. Many centuries ago, they were invented by Indian tribes living in North America. It was a cult thing for them, namely tribute to the traditions of the tribe. After a temporary oblivion, the culture of braiding baubles, the movement of hippies or children of flowers resumed. For them, weaving bra from the ribbons served as a talisman. Such bracelets with names were given to the person to whom love arose. For these purposes, they also
, Just find out the secrets of their weaving.
In addition to love, bracelets with names, symbolizedBrotherhood and friendship forever. Sometimes, a ribbon from ribbons, served as a newlywed, instead of a wedding ring. In such a case, the color of the baubles played a not unimportant role, which carried different designations.
Let's repeat our master classes and learn how to weave the ribbons from ribbons with our own hands.

Bags for beginners

Before we begin to weave for beginners, you need to purchase two satin ribbons, preferably of different shades. Their length should be one meter each. And also a pin or a needle.
The edges of the ribbons, bend by fifteen centimeters and put them one on one, as shown in the photo.

Fold the upper buttonhole, as if trying to tie a knot.

Fully circle the bottom band in a circle and return to its original position, only with a small buttonhole.

Through this loop, insert the bend of the ribbon, which is of a different color.

Now, with gentle movements, pull the short end of the ribbon, the small loop, and tighten the knot. Only not very tight.

Make another loop and stretch it through the bend that remains. Do it as shown in the photo.

Long edge of one buttonhole, it will be necessary to tightenAnd fix the other eyelet. Do this not so tightly, so that the bauble and the pattern are attractive. We began to appear a small part of the pattern, in the form of a square. In order to align the ends, tighten the necessary ribbons a little.

It remains only to repeat such manipulations until the very end, until we have the necessary length of baubles made of ribbons.

This process was created especially for beginners. More time-consuming schemes, which are woven in a particular order, you can see on the photo and video, located on our website.

Round bracelet of ribbons

This master class, teach us, do roundBaubles, weaving with ribbons. Fenichka from ribbons, is made by a Chinese knot, which is called "lotus." On this decoration, you will spend about an hour of your time. Each knot must be tightened tightly, only in this case, a ribbon made of ribbons, will be stiff and will last a very long time, without losing its appearance.
To make bracelets, we need these materials:

  • Two-color ribbons, two and two and a half meters long, or four ribbons, one and a half meters long;
  • Pin with an eyelet, to fix the main material.

Make of the ribbons the shape of the cross, fixed in the center, with one pin.

Light ribbon, will lie straight, and the dark, from above, will have the appearance of an arch.

Unfold the light element, so that it lies on a dark ribbon, also in the form of an arch, perpendicular to one to one.

Dark basma, lift up, so that it was located above the light stripe, and looked like an arch upside down.

The edge of the light basma, bend to the left side, so that it passes over and under the dark ribbon, as in the photo.

Pull our main material into the knot and straighten it.

Now, you need to tighten it again, but only stronger.

The manipulations that we have made are higher inText, you need to do until the very end, until your baubles of ribbons, will not get the right length, which is enough to freely grasp your hand.

As you have already understood, the main thing in the weaving isCorrectly observe the four stages, in which the belt arches are constantly intersected. Of these, in the process of work, you get a square, which you need to tighten. In the end, you will get an interesting round tourniquet.
Not necessarily, use it, in the form of a bracelet. You can think up another application for him. Use it in decorating children's clothes or hang keys on it. He also perfectly replace the hairband or serve as a handle in a children's bag. You can see how the sphere of application of the baubles has expanded, only if it is tightly tightened. Do not doubt her fortress. The process of creating such a product, you can look at the video.

Video: How to weave a round bracelet with ribbons

Square ribbon from ribbons

For such a lesson, as we braided the baubles, weIt takes four shades of tape, each of which, over the length, is more than two meters. Leave 15 cm at the ends of the bands and make a tight knot. Spread the flagella in different directions. Bend one of the ribbons, starting from the top to the bottom, forming a loop.

Put on it another shade of tape, in the same direction as on the right side, on the left side.

The next main material, bend from the bottom to the top, thus overlapping the previous tape.

The last ribbon is bent from the left side, to the right side, and is pushed into the loop from the primary material.

During the time you harvest the workpiece, youShould form a square. Do not forget to straighten the ribbons, do it all the time, so that they are even, if you do not comply, the bracelet may not be the right shape or be deformed.

During the weaving, sometimes try on a handbell on your hand to control the desired length.
Look at the photo, it shows a bracelet, the right shape, which should get you. Better, it will look, if it is slightly twisted around the axis. Just do not stretch the hand-made article.

If you pull the bracelet too much, it can turn into a regular bandage, which is depicted in the photo. In the opposite state, you will not return it.

Look, what an interesting square baubles, we did it. How to make square bracelets, you can find out by watching our video.

Video: Plait a square french

Tips for braiding the baubles

Take advantage of our small, but important tips that will help you, in the process of work, over weaving the baubles:

  • Before choosing a color scheme forFuture bracelet, use your common sense and logic. Fenichka is a cult thing that carries a certain meaning and somebody's cultural heritage. Before weaving, read about what color shades mean in the hippie movement. Such political information will expand your horizons, and will also save you from the deft glances that are aware of this, people;
  • Do not over-tighten the loops,Time to work on the baubles. Let them be, a little loose weaving, on the whole, your decoration, will become symmetrical and will be with neat patterns or names. The edges of the tapes, no matter how many of them are used in the work, should be of equal length, always. For the first time, you may not get it, but that does not mean you do not have to follow the rules. Learn at once, adhere to the set scheme and rules. This is better than afterwards constantly changing the banners;
  • If you are a beginner, then use in the weavingPins, they will help avoid slipping the tapes and loosening the loops. Needles with experience, can make a bracelet and on weight, but to beginning masters, it is not superfluous there will be a safety net. Tie a ribbon knot, and the edges, let them quietly hang.

Observing our rules and tips, you can weave a unique fenechku, which no one else has. Examples of works, you can see the photo and video, located on our website.
As you could see, the ways of weavingBracelets and bracelets, very much. The number of tapes that are used in the work varies from two to several at once. Tapes, a material that is very easy to handle. People who have been fond of such skill for a long time can weave fennels, approximately, for 10 minutes. The big plus is that the work is done quickly, and the result is simply amazing. As a result, it turns out, a beautiful and interesting fenechka, which was made by own hands. A person who wants to engage in such a fascinating hobby, you can, not even have to do with mastery in general. The main thing is to have a desire and desire for it.
Review examples of other works to haveRepresentation and know what patterns exist in the weave. After you type your hand, you will be able to create your own sketches of works on your own. Having looked through the done baubles, you can add something from yourself to the composed motif.

Fashion for the creation of baubles, recently,Has considerably expanded. Every generation of young people is constantly introducing new schemes of weaving, in such ornaments. Now everyone knows how to weave banners with names or bracelets with beads. It turns out that this is very easy. It is necessary only to stick to the scheme. You can teach your child how to make beautiful bracelets from ribbons. And he, will do it, with great pleasure, not only for himself, but also for his close friends or girlfriends.
In this case, you will also be helped by a fantasy which, together with desire and work, will help you to make, in truth, unique things from tapes.
And although, the primary meaning of such bracelets, withTime, was completely lost. They are a universal decoration, even with names. Therefore, the presence of bells on the hands, we are now seeing not only the representatives of the hippies, but also the hands of famous women of fashion. Such a thing, will give the image an individuality and beauty.
Now, you know the answer to the question, how to weave braces from ribbons.

Video: Ribbon from ribbons