Orange Tree from beads with your hands (photo and video)

Orange Tree from beads with your hands (photo and video)


make orange
everyone can. Using a simple looped weave technique, you can easily make it with their own hands. Such a composition can be presented as a gift, since orange is a symbol of fertility and love, and marriage.

Master-class of creating an orange tree from beads

Plaiting materials:

  • green beads;
  • large size beads orange;
  • Beading wire 0.3 mm in diammetrom;
  • solid wire;
  • gypsum (plaster can be replaced);
  • glue;
  • lacquer;
  • double sided tape;
  • brown ribbon (you can use a special floristic or satin).

Getting a master class with the fact that we need toto prepare a wire segment eighty centimeters long, which we strung bead and three large green beads. Next, you need to thread the end of the wires fifteen centimeters long through the bead. The second tip of the wire, then t that true, we collect ten green beads and form one loop. Thereafter, the next two loops are braided. In total, about beads have formed three loops.

Further, twisted wire to one centimeter,twist the two other tabs. Now, you need to re-twist the wire and bend it to three centimeters. Thus, it is necessary to continue to weave all the fruit and leaves of the orange tree of beads by hand.

We turn to the creation of branches, for thisnecessary to bend the wire on three centimeters in the opposite direction and form a five loops thereon from the green beads, which serve as leaves. Then, you need to re-bend the branch and create two more loops. As a result, we obtain a sprig of leaves for orange tree.
Next, do the following two branches, the leaves of which are formed of nine loops.
The next step, we need to twist 2 sprigsleaves with a sprig of orange. For this purpose, it is necessary to arrange one on top of another twig. So, we get a triple sprig of our tree. This way sbiralsya following two triple threads.

Getting orange tree assembly of beads. To do this, you need to take a solid length of the wire twenty centimeters in length and begin to attach to it, our billet.
Alternately, one after the other, starting from the top start to collect branches, wrapping them with tape. Total collect five such branches.
After all the branches are gathered, you need to wrap the ribbon all allasnoy wire stem, as in the photo.
For the main branch collect any remaining, arching them as you like.

For the manufacture of the orange tree trunk of beads, tips provolochi uy base must be spread on different sides.
Now, it is necessary to dissolve plaster or gypsum with water at a ratio of 1: 1 and pour the resulting solution into the prepared container of orange tree from beads.

After the solution has dried fashionable to go tobase decor. Do it at your convenience to your tree was individual and original. You can simply fill the base of beads of different colors or decorate the foot of decorative pebbles or shells.

Video: Learn how to weave an orange tree from beads