Extraordinary presents-souvenirs for the New Year - step-by-step instruction and master class

Extraordinary presents-souvenirs for the New Year - step-by-step instruction and master class

Pleasant mood, snowy streets, icedrawings on the windows and of course, a lot of New Year's magic. The holiday period of the New Year differs from others with its incredible atmosphere and unity of people. Many families gather at the same table, friends are looking for places where they can celebrate together this holiday, and merry people visit various festivals and fairs. It's such a holiday, where everyone will find something to do.

Extraordinary presents-souvenirs for the New Year - step-by-step instruction and master class

The most pleasant and main action, thanks towhich can diversify and improve the New Year - is the opportunity to create souvenirs and decorations for close people on the New Year theme. Special little presents can be worthy of attention, contain warmth and be a huge memory for the person who will receive it. In addition, you can learn something new in the process of learning such amazing and interesting things. Necklace for New Year's gift How to make a New Year's souvenir yourself ?. Photo №1 The first thing we will prepare is a necklace. Such a necklace will become a good memory for a person, as it will remind you of its appearance of snow deposits, as well as of a great holiday. In order to make such a necklace, you will need materials:

  • Take the Christmas tree in a miniature
  • Small bottle of glass
  • You will need a chain with a buckle
  • Sequins of white and silver shades
  • Toothpick
  • Sticky Gun
  • Round nose pliers and cutters

We put the herringbone next to the bottle and measure fromthe top part is the required length option. Cut off the desired piece of coniferous tree. Then, dipped the toothpick in a sticky substance and then, spread it on the bottom of the bottle. We also apply a small amount of glue on the lower frame of the tree so that it can be fixed on the bottom. We wait until they dry up. After the glue dries, it is necessary to fill the container with white glitter. Then, you need to stop the bottle and then insert a ring into the cap of the product, through which our chain will be passed. Now, this souvenir can be presented to your close friend and he will always be with him. Coniferous branch of desires How to make a New Year's souvenir yourself ?. Photo # 2 Tree - the most popular attributea holiday and an immeasurable symbol of Christmas. Such Christmas decor can forever become an excellent version of the amulet so that all wishes and goals will come true. Many of us know what to tie a knot "for luck". In case you do not know this, it can be quite a profitable gift for a loved one.

  • Prepare a small twig
  • You will need a cloth in rags for different sizes and colors
  • Nitochka

Take a piece of ribbon, or a cut from the fabric andwe make them in different sizes. Then, we fix each flap to the branch, depending on the order of growth by tying. Initially, we attach small flaps, then medium variants and after - the largest. Each knot will mean the desire of man. It is necessary to guess it for yourself. At first small desires and up to the biggest. At the top of the product, you need to fix a piece of thread and then hang our hand-made article on a Christmas tree. Let it hang there until the very end of the holiday! Preparing a wreath for the New Year How to make a New Year's souvenir yourself ?. Picture №3 This element of decoration for a very long timeused by people on Christmas holidays. It is believed that hung on the door of the wreath will help scare away the impure forces from your house. Today, wreaths have become an element of decor and are increasingly becoming the object of attention for guests who come to visit. In order to prepare this version of the wreath, you should choose the materials

  • Take the material of a dense base
  • You will need a sticky gun
  • Also we will prepare a tape of decorative type
  • Christmas balls will be required in various sizes

How to make a New Year's souvenir yourself ?. Photo №4 To begin with, it is necessary to buy, or independentlyprepare the corresponding form of a wreath in the form of a semicircle. The material should be strong, but at the same time - light enough. In one of the places we tie a tape to the product, for it our wreath will be hung for the door. Large balls are smeared with glue, and then fixed on the outside of the product. Small balls are fixed on the inside. The remaining balls are hindered and also glued, but an arbitrary order is used for this. Space between each part can be filled with small balls, or paint over the necessary places with a paint of golden hue. The glue must dry, then the door is decorated. Preparing the "Day" and "Nights" You can also prepare souvenirs in the form of famous folk tales. The characters of Day and Night are perfect for such an idea. To implement such interesting pupae, we need a special material:

  • Take the Bast
  • The fabric in different colors will be required
  • Prepare ribbons, also lace
  • Requires rhinestones and beads for the stem
  • Take the sticky substance

The present amulet has become an interesting souvenir,which can be handed in a beautiful form. In order to form the body of future heroes, it is necessary to take the material of the bast and divide it into two parts. Then, the bast is divided into two bunches. A small bundle will be required for the formation of hands, great for making a head, and also to form a body. A large bundle is folded into two parts and with the help of a strong thread, or a band in a narrow form is bandaged. Thus, the doll has a head. Then, it is necessary to calculate the length for the ribbon, in order to have enough opportunity to make the entire doll bind in full size. How to make a New Year's souvenir yourself ?. Photo №5 The remainder of the bundle must be cut into twoparts and then, tie on both sides with tape. Thus, the character's hands will be formed. Then, the pupa's body separates and the handles are inserted. Then, using a tape, you should make a dressing of the doll, using the cross-dressing variant. An element of the upper body, as well as the waist, is formed. In the same manner, the second pupa binds. In order to make doll clothes, it is necessary to use a variant of traditional Russian costume: as a basis we take a sarafan, and also a shirt. Be sure to add an apron. A quality highlight of this product is the barma. Preparing clothes for dolls So in Kievan Rus called a wide collar, which could be put on top of any clothes. We make a decorated ribbon on the doll's head. For the shirt, we form a fabric that needs to be folded into two parts. The width of the fabric is equal to the length of the hands for the doll. The length is formed slightly lower than the waist. For the central part, cut a small hole to the head, which has a cut on the back. For a sarafan, a darker cloth is taken. The width of the fabric is made equal for the length of the circle, using the bottom of the doll in a standing position, using the allowance for the folds. The height is formed by the height of the doll in the armpits. The length of the ribbon will be equal to the length in the circumference of the head. A barma and its diameter is determined by the width for the shoulders of the doll, the length of the apron makes the height of the doll to the waist. How to make a New Year's souvenir yourself ?. Photo №6 In order to decorate the doll's clothes, it is necessaryuse colored ribbons, take embroidery and prepare lace. Also, take the beads, prepare the beads and take the rhinestones. Any bijouterie is also suitable. Decoration of a doll is a full-fledged opportunity to create an exclusive decoration. Also, it is a universal amulet. The doll should also be dressed up. A detailed example should be considered on the night version. For convenience, we take a needle for wide shuko and insert a narrow type tape into it. We use a stitch for sewing a lusty top of the skirt. Sleeves on the bottom should also be tied. Then, you need to put on a shirt on the chrysalis and tie up her sleeves. The incision that forms on the back is to be closed and secured with glue. Then, it is necessary to tie a belt, which is also an integral part of the Russian folk costume. Belt is a symbol of the initiation of the child to the real world, helping to connect the spiritual world with the real. Then, you need to put on a sundress and hold the bandage around the back of the tape. If the doll size is more than 10-12 centimeters to the height, we produce the stretching of the tape on loop-straps, for a small doll we make a string.