Organizer for threads with own hands

Organizer for threads with own hands

If you sew and sew a lot, then for surethought how and where to store the coils of thread. You can buy special holders for reels, but why spend money? Make a handy organizer for the threads yourself! Coils will be stored in a certain order, the threads will not get tangled, finding the right color will be easy. The order and organization of the workplace of the needlewoman - the key to success and good mood! We offer several ideas for the storage of coils and two master classes for making an organizer and a casket for threads. The general idea is that the coils with threads are most conveniently stored on pins driven horizontally, vertically or inclined. Of course, you can fold the reels into boxes and boxes with compartments, but in order to find the ones you need, it will take more time. vertical organizer for threads

How to make a simple organizer for threads with your own hands?

In order to make such an organizer for coils, prepare:

  • a sheet of plywood or chipboard;
  • long nails and a hammer;
  • pencil and ruler;
  • decorative baguettes;
  • spray-paint.

Cut a rectangle from a plywood sheetnecessary sizes. Mark the pencil grid, the distance between the lines should be slightly larger than the diameter of the coil with threads. Using a hammer and a nail, mark the holes where the coils will stand. how to make a personal organizer for coils Make a decorative frame for beauty, gluing along the perimeter of the board molding. how to make an organizer for spools with threads by your own hands 02 Paint the entire organizer for threads with paint from the can. master class for self-coils The final and most important stage is to drive nails into the planned places. how to make a personal organizer for coils Ready the organizer securely fasten to the wall and arrange the spools with threads on the pins. personal organizer for coils The nails can be driven slightly at an angle, so that the thread color is better seen, and also to reduce the risk of the coil coming off the pin to zero. organizer for thread coils with slope Instead of nails, you can use screws, wooden pegs, markers and pencils. You can also play with the shape of the base, cutting out any figure from the DSP. Stand - organizer for threads organizer for coils with thread in the form of wood Such an organizer for threads does not have to be hung on the wall. Smaller models can be stored in desk drawers, in a box or in a box. horizontal thread organizer Note that for small desktop organizer options, you can use a foam sheet for the base and toothpicks as pins. organizer for threads with toothpicks

Casket for threads with own hands

If it is a little bit, we suggest to make very beautiful and unusual casket. Such organizer for coils can please not only the owner, but also become a great gift for a friend-needlewoman. casket for thread reels For work you will need:

  • tin box from cookies;
  • ruler and pencil (felt-tip pen);
  • hammer and nail;
  • about 50 bolts with nuts;
  • objects and materials for the decoration of the lid (scissors, buttons, coil, lace);
  • glue;
  • spray-paint;
  • painting tape.

Draw a grid of horizontal and vertical lines on the outside of the bottom of the box. Calculate so that the distance between the pegs is slightly larger than the diameter of the largest coil. coil box With a nail and a hammer, make holes in the bottom of the hole where the pins are fastened. master class - box for thread spools with own hands In the holes on the outside, thread the bolts and fasten them with the nuts. master class how to make a jewelry box In general, the main work is already completed anda box can be used. But still you can beautifully decorate and decorate the box. You can just paint the box from a can or paint with acrylic paints, cover with decoction in the technique, decorate the surface with ribbons and beads. And you can make this kind of thematic decor, consisting of items for needlework. Cover the edges of the lid with paint tape. Lay out on the cover of the box a composition of buttons, ribbons, scissors. Glue everything with a good superglue. In the same way, decorate the walls of the box. casket for thread reels Then cover the composition with paint from the can. casket for thread spools by own hands 07 Get a stunning box for storing threads! casket for thread spools by own hands 08