Origami dog kusaka: turn-based scheme, video / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Origami dog kusaka: turn-based scheme, video / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Origami paper is an ancient techniquecreating different figures. And this skill achieves incredible heights and allows you to create stunning figures. But you still need to start from the simplest. dog of a paper clipOrigami dog kusaka is a very funny and interesting figure, which looks lovely and will become a great fun for the child. how to make a dog a kusakuChildren such origami do very useful, becauseas it is not only an interesting and exciting pastime. Creation of origami develops the child's motor skills, attention, logical thinking, memory.

Main rules

Before you start making origami from paper, you need to understand for yourself a few rules that are important regardless of what is being created at the moment:

  • Sheets of paper must be sure with even angles.
  • Paper needs to be selected thin so that it bends easily.
  • Excessive movements, folds on paper, twists and turns lead to the fact that in the end you can not get the right figure.
  • All angles are important to fold flat.
  • To consolidate the skills of creating one figure, you need to fold it for the second time.
  • Such simple rules allow you to plunge into the world of origami and start making a paper kusak.

    Great toy

    Step-by-step advice will create a very interesting toy for children of any age. In addition, for adults this pastime will be very useful. Now you know how to make an interesting figure out of paper. But there are many other interesting ways to create a paper dog.

    Beautiful doggy dog ​​made of paper

    You can make a dog out of paper in another way. For this, you need a square sheet of paper. Precisely with the help of ruler or bends, indicate where the middle line is located. dog of a paper clip dog nipperNext you need to follow the scheme:

  • The sheet is folded in half. You need to follow the instructions of the fold "valley".
  • It is necessary to fold to the center of the side of the sheet.
  • The top layer of the leaf is both right and left to open and straighten.
  • We turn the sheet.
  • Again, add the lateral lines to the center.
  • It is necessary to bend the right corner from the bottom. The same is done with the opposite side.
  • On the line, which is indicated on the diagram, it is necessary to make the already known fold "valley".
  • The same is done on the back of the figure.
  • We bend upward. And the same action is repeated on the other side.
  • We turn over the figure.
  • Carefully need to open the resulting toy.
  • In this case, it is desirable to press your finger in the middle, so that the dog does not fall apart, but takes shape.
  • All the movements try to perform clearly according to the scheme,not to depart from it. It is important to fold the sheets neatly, only this way the toy can turn out beautiful and interesting. Such a kitten dog is ready to bite and grab anyone. Dog of paperIn order for the dog to look morenaturally, select brown shades of paper, draw or glue the spots to the dog to give it an individuality. Such a kitten of origami dog will amuse anyone, because it is given a peculiar zest, exclusivity and originality by prying ears that can be left sticking out or bent giving a figurine of playfulness. from paper - it's always an interesting and fun pastime. Such crafts will become good entertainment and development for the child. They can be made in different colors for all relatives and friends. In addition, there is no limit to fantasy, you can decorate the paper, draw toys and eyes, and mouth, and nose, and other elements.