Origami stars and stars of paper with their own hands, crafts, master class, video / Toys themselves, patterns, video, MK

Origami stars and stars of paper with their own hands, crafts, master class, video / Toys themselves, patterns, video, MK

Particularly attentive to this work arelook at the male face. After all, thanks to simple techniques, the cheapest raw materials and minimum time spent, you can fulfill your long-held promise: to give your favorite star! And may it bring you happiness! We'll start with it.

Volumetric Star of Happiness

These little origami stars are beautifullook when there are many, and they are all the same. Therefore, immediately cut a sheet of bright colored paper into thin strips 27 cm long and 1 cm wide. The thinner the paper, the longer the strips. For thick paper, 13-15 cm is enough.

  • Tie a knot at the end of the ribbon. Bend the short tip so that a five-pointed contour is obtained.

Volumetric Star of Happiness

  • Press the short wrapped end of the tape longand continue to wind it almost in a circle. The form itself will prompt the direction. Try to make even turns, not skipping and moving with a strip from the previous row. Do not squeeze so that our star of happiness was voluminous. But do not let it fall apart. When the length is over, thread the tip of the strip into the "pocket" of the two previous loops.

Volumetric star of happiness-2

  • Process each corner. Squeeze two fingers of the middle of the adjacent sides and form an acute angle. The complexity and severity of the angle depends on the density of the paper.

Volumetric star of happiness-3Make many such stars of happiness and give him a handful.

Modular crafts

The real color five-pointed origami star will come from five modules.

  • Cut the same squares from the paper (3 blue, 2 yellow). Map the diagonal.

Modular crafts

  • Bend the opposite corners with the adjacent side to the axis.

Modular Crafts-2

  • Turn over the workpiece.

Modular crafts-3

  • Fold it diagonally.

Modular Crafts-4

  • Turn the bottom corner so that its inner side becomes a continuation of the horizontal. Turn over the workpiece and tuck in the second corner as well.

Modular crafts-5

  • Fold the side right side along the drawn axis. Turn the module over and try again.

Modular Crafts-6

  • Make 3 such modules of blue paper and 2 of yellow.

Modular Crafts-7

  • Place the left yellow horn on the right blue. Make them "embrace".

Modular hand-made-8

  • To do this, unfold the sides and re-wrap over the other horn.

Modular hand-made-9

  • Attach the same three more modules and origami star ready.

Modular Article-10

Shuriken. Throwing Ninja Star

Stars do not only for beauty. Sometimes they become a formidable weapon. For example, shuriken is an iron throwing star, an indispensable attribute of eastern militants. We will make it out of paper according to the scheme given in the photo.

Multi-colored double

  • Cut 10 different colored squares (2 of each color) of the same size and make each of the modules as shown in the photo.

Multi-colored double

  • Connect them to the star, inserting the corner of one module into the pocket of the other. Form a star, stacking segments along the long side with a "mountain", and on a short "valley".

Multicolored double-2

  • For stability, make a frame of the samemodules. Get another one of the same asterisk. Lubricate it from the inside with glue and squeeze on the edges and creases. A convex star with flat rays will be obtained. Put it inside the first and glue it.

Multicolored double-3

Very beautiful star (video)

Making this chic star is very difficult, almost impossible to describe in detail in words. You can view the entire master class on video. Look at similar master classes: