The original bouquet for the bride can be made by hand from the handy material

The original bouquet for the bride can be made by hand from the handy material

In the life of each person, the wedding is onefrom the most important and exciting events. Every girl dreams to be irresistible and unique on this momentous day. That's why she thinks over everything to the smallest detail: a wedding dress, a hairstyle, a make-up and, of course, one of the indispensable symbols of the ceremony - a bouquet of the bride, which today we suggest you try to make by yourself. There are so many different ways to make a bouquet for the bride. Each bride wants to be different from other brides, so that her image was not at all similar to all others. With this small but very important accessory, you can add exclusivity and charm to any wedding image. In order for the marriage to be successful, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to the little things, of which the whole wedding consists. We make a wedding bouquet with our own hands. Photo №1 Flowers, ribbons, buttons, beads, paper - a bouquet forthe bride can be made for every taste, showing all his unrestrained imagination. We propose to make the main bridal accessory of the bride from real flowers, however, before doing this, one should learn a few general rules of floristry in relation to such a composition. Usually it is customary to use bouquets, tulips, peonies, callas, roses and carnations. It is easiest to make a bouquet of roses, thanks to the fact that they have a round form of bud. In addition to flowers, additional decorative elements are also used. All kinds of greens - fern, Algerian ivy, bamboo, bergrace, phoenix - will add the product to brightness and freshness. An important role is played by packaging - polyethylene, fabric, paper, in the form of a net. In a word, you can complement the bouquet with any components, the main thing is that they go to the flowers, the bride's wedding along with the bride and a little bit combined with all the chosen ornaments at the wedding. We make a wedding bouquet with our own hands. Photo # 2 At first glance it may seem that the formThe bouquet of the bride does not matter. But this is not true. It is important that the size of this flower object is suitable for the growth of the bride, and its shape is combined with the style of the wedding dress. The most common forms of wedding bouquets are a hemisphere and a cascade. In the cascade, the flowers located freely, have the appearance of an inverted drop and some of them hang down like a cascade of water. A round bouquet assumes the arrangement of buds and inflorescences in a circle, it is more common and in demand, since it is more convenient to carry, hold, transmit and, of course, throw. We make a wedding bouquet with our own hands. Picture №3 In addition, the bouquet should not be very large. Otherwise it will not look very nice. Especially his weight can bring a certain inconvenience to the bride, she also will have to wear it until the end of the whole marriage ceremony. To make the bouquet look beautiful, we advise that its size does not exceed fifty centimeters. If it is cascading, the size should be equal to the distance from the thumb of the bride's hand directed down to the knee. The circumference of the hemisphere bouquet makes, approximately twenty to twenty five centimeters, according to statistics, it is the growth of the average person, about two-thirds of the bride's waist. We make a wedding bouquet with our own hands. Photo №4 So, we try to make a bouquet for the bride with our own hands. For work we need:

  • floristic foam and portuquette (or oasis).
  • basic flowers (roses, cloves, gypsophila);
  • A special liquid that allows you to keep fresh cut flowers for a long time;
  • decorative ribbon of the required color;
  • secateurs;
  • copper wire, (any sufficiently strong);
  • hot glue from a gun, or simple super-glue.
  • all that in the bouquet will complement the main flowers - asparagus branches, iris leaves, fern and any other greens.
  • pins decorated with beads. Any other details for decoration (butterflies, ribbons, beads).
  • tap-tape.

How to make a bouquet of a bride - photo and descriptionStep One. We clean the stems of flowers from extra leaves, flowers and thorns. We cut each stalk about two to three centimeters and split it. Pour clean water into the vase and add the liquid that preserves the freshness of the flowers. We put our prepared floral elements there for five to six hours. Step two. Next, we take portbuketnitsu, and insert into it a water-soaked oasis, which must be additionally secured with a thin copper wire. Step three. We wrap the handle of the portbuket with a tap-tape, pulling it a little - it's better to fix it. The bottom of the portbuketa is covered with ivy or Russianus leaves. We glue them according to the Roman technique, that is, on each other. Then we decorate it with a satin ribbon of a gentle shade, winding it along the entire length of the handle to the leaves with thick coils, fixing the edges with glue. We make a wedding bouquet with our own hands. Photo №5 Step four. Next, take our prepared buds one at a time, apply glue one centimeter below the cut and confidently insert them into the oasis. Gradually fill the flowers with a surface from the crown to the cuff, complementing them with greens and various decorative elements. Everything depends on the taste preferences of each of us. Beads can be glued directly to the leaves, only you should choose for this leggy, so they do not pull the leaves down. If there are elements of decor on a long wire, for example butterflies, you can also stick them. We make a wedding bouquet with our own hands. Photo №6 Step five. After we installed the flowers, we return to the foot of the portbuketa. It can also be decorated with a small elegant bow or a beautiful brooch, but you can leave it unchanged. Step Six. In any case, we must preserve the freshness of the bouquet. To do this, put it in the refrigerator, and keep there until the time comes, to leave the house. Of course, it is better to collect a bouquet a few hours before the celebration, if of course there is such an opportunity. We make a wedding bouquet with our own hands. Photo №7 That's it! You can see for yourself that there is nothing difficult in creating a bouquet. Now you know how to make a bridal bouquet yourself and if necessary, you can at any time manage this task. If you want, you can find other materials that will help you learn more about the ways of creating bouquets. In other similar articles, you can also see the whole process, step by step. A little patience and you will succeed! In addition to floristry, there are so many ways to make a bouquet. A creative bride who dreams of an extraordinary wedding, can try to make for itself quite unusual in every respect wedding bouquet of soft toys. You can learn how to do this in one of the master classes of this section of our website. We wish you a pleasant work, a happy work and an unforgettable wedding!