The original decor of the ottoman with flowers from felt and fabric

The original decor of the ottoman with flowers from felt and fabric

Ottomans in the interior - not only decorative, but alsoa functional piece of furniture - and you can sit down and put your feet. If you have an old and unattractive pouf or you made homemade of a tire or plastic bottles, offer ideas on how to decorate it - make the decor of the owl with colors from felt or fabric!

How to make a decor of puffy roses

decor with flowers from felt

In order to decorate the old ottoman, you will need: soft felt (or other fabric), scissors and glue (it is convenient to use an adhesive gun). decor with flowers from felt Cut the fabric into strips. Fold the strip in half horizontally. master class decor with flowers We turn off the rose, fixing the fabric with glue on each turn. Twist the rose is not very tight, it should be airy, with wavy petals. MK master class decor decorations with flowers by own hands MK master class decor pufikami own hands puff decor with flowers from fabric decor puff colors of felt Glue large flowers to the ottoman. Let there be gaps between roses - we also fill out smaller roses. puff decor with roses made of felt the decor of an old puff with roses made of cloth Now we make small roses in the same way. how to decorate an old puff with your own hands We glue them to the padded stool between the big flowers. the decor of the pupa with roses We glue roses together. Cute and delicate decor with flowers ready! decor of the old pouffe For the children's room, you can decorate an old pouf or chair with printed flowers from bright cloth flaps. As a filler, use foam rubber or sintepon. decor with flowersAnd these bright flower puffs are the work of the design studio Loca Nera. decorative pouffes loca nera flower decoration from fabric