The original design of a simple pattern of an airy summer dress. A beautiful outfit for a beautiful woman. Photos and instructions

The original design of a simple pattern of an airy summer dress. A beautiful outfit for a beautiful woman. Photos and instructions

Presented light and airy summer dresslooks very impressive. Sew such an outfit will not be difficult, and even a novice seamstress will cope with the task. This dress in the summer wardrobe will not be superfluous. What material is better to create this wonderful outfit? The dress is best made from linen or light satin. A little advice! Changing the color of the belt can completely change the look of the outfit. The dress is presented in the style of a safari, however it is necessary to change the belt to purple or bright red, and to complement the appearance with stylish accessories, it will be a fashionable image for a summer party. The main measure for constructing a pattern is the circumference of the hips. Consider the following: if your chest volume is more than your hips, then the main measurement is the circumference of your chest. We proceed to build a pattern. First, draw a rectangle whose width AB is equal to the hip circumference, multiplied by a factor of 1.4 (an increase in the seams). You want to make lush assemblies on the product, then multiply the hip circumference by 1.6. The height of the rectangle will be equal to 65 centimeters. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №1 The length of the frill is equal to the width of the dress AB, and the height is equal to 12 centimeters (without allowances for seams allowance). What details need to be cut?

  • The first detail (dress) - 1 piece;
  • The second detail (frill) - 1 piece.

Seam allowance: 1.5 centimeters on the short and one long side of the frill of the dress, on the bottom and top of the product and the top of the frill is 2.5 centimeters. We begin to sew the dress. We sweep the vertical seam on the cloth of the future attire. Sections are spent and processed. Then iron. The bottom of the dress should be tucked, swept and stitched. The lower cut of the frill must also be tucked and stitched. Now we fold the frill of the dress over the cloth of the dress, sweep it around the edge and now sew it as one detail. The allowances for the upper cut of the dress and frills are tucked, labeled and we spread. You just need to leave open a small area for gum penetration. We stretch the elastic band 2 cm wide, adjust its length. Try on the resulting dress. Finish the ends of the band. Open the zone of the kuliszka zastrachivaem. The first model of the beautiful outfit is ready. It remains only to choose the right accessories and you can go on dates or just for walks. Another model of the summer dress will effectively and wonderfully look at the representatives of the fair sex. A stylish and fashionable dress can be worn at the theater or at a party. The main thing is to pick up contrast material and decorate everything with accessories. The dress will be very easy to sew on a pattern. First you need to remove your own measurements in order to start sewing. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo # 2 On the pattern of the front half we measure 12centimeters from the bottom point of the armhole on the side seam. Draw a horizontal line. We cut the pattern according to the received line. Cut the neck of the front of the future dress in half. From the top of the breast tuck we draw a line to the resulting point. Cut the pattern of the future outfit along the line and on one side of the breast tuck. photo-instruction on the pattern. Picture №3 Breast tuck attire aligned on the sides andglue them together. Form the site rounded in a pattern. The remains of the canvas, which appeared during the construction, lay in wrinkles or attach. Draw the back of the pattern. From the armhole on the side, measure down 12 centimeters, draw a horizontal line. Cut the back line pattern along the line. On two halves - pass and back from the edge of the shoulder measure 2 centimeters and draw a new feature of the armhole armor in the pattern. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №4 Cut out the neckline with the armholesdresses. On the middle seam of the back, sew a secret zipper. Collar of the dress is cut with a fold. The dress is ready and ready to go out. Supplement the image with stylish ornaments. For example, a gold bracelet or earrings, and you will become invisible. Now let's talk about the third model of summer dress. To date, almost all the outfits can be sewn on ready-made standard patterns, and accessories will complement the unique image. Often, standard patterns go to the standard figure, so before sewing the product should adjust the pattern for their own parameters. Presented a summer free dress can sew even beginners. Noteworthy is the fact that patterns can be drawn directly on matter. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №5 To create a dress, you need:

  • Fabric - 1.80 meters long with a width of one and a half meters;
  • Yarn;
  • Scissors;
  • Chalk or remnant;
  • Pins;
  • Sewing machine (optional);
  • Centimeter;
  • Iron;

Prepare matter for work. Iron fabric, lightly moistened it with water. Remove the measurements. We need the volume of the breast and the length from the shoulder to the knee. The fabric is folded in half to simultaneously cut before and back. Take the chalk or remnant and begin to draw a pattern on the fabric. It is best to draw a pattern from the evenly cut edge of the panel. Draw the silhouettes. Find the middle of the fabric and start drawing from it. On the pattern, change two digits to fit your size: 46 (this is the half-chest of the chest, to which is added 2 centimeters) and 95 (this is the length to the knee). For the neck on the back from the center in the lower part measure 3 centimeters and put a point. From the center in the right and left side we postpone for 8 centimeters. The points are smoothly connected. For ruffle dresses, we cut out two figures of rectangular shape measuring 150 centimeters X 35 centimeters. To decorate the cuts of the armholes and throats of the crochet are obtacks or slanting bekes. Fold the obtacles with their faces and stitch along the edge. We turn inside out, we fold the edges and sew. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №6 Let's start sewing. Shoulder sections cut off, iron, and then sweep them with a zigzag stitch (manually or on a typewriter). Process the cut of the neck, and only then sew the side cuts. Cut the armhole better to decorate with obtachkami or bake. Intermediate model of the dress can be tried on. Add a belt. You can make a version of the belt with an elastic band, and you can create a belt in two girths. Let's stop on the last option. For the belt we cut a strip of cloth with a width of 4.5 centimeters and independently select the length. Now fold them in half, tuck the edges inside and stitch it to the very edge. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №7 We prepare the frill. We connect the two details of the frill to each other, so that the length is 3 meters. We cut one edge so that the threads do not crumble, and then we sew a seam without fixing the threads at the very beginning and end. It is necessary to do this, so that by pulling on the ends, it is possible to take up matter. Similar actions can be done on the hands. We collect the abscess up to 140 centimeters, and make sure that the folds are even. Pin pins frill to the bottom of the dress. The lower part is tucked, the edge of the frill is put under the fabric of the product and sewed. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №8 Now you need to process the bottom of the frill. You can sweep on the overlock, tuck and sew. If the overlock is not available, then you can simply twist the cloth twice and sew. Try on the resulting dress. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo Number 9 The third model of the dress is ready. Now a happy bearer can amaze his closet with close and completely unfamiliar people on the street.