Original ideas on how to make a universal gift to a man

Original ideas on how to make a universal gift to a man

Everyone likes to receive gifts, especially if theyunusual and exclusive, because any person is proud of the thing that he has, and no other people. A gift for a man is not so easy to choose, since it is important that he likes the present. In shops it is difficult to find a worthwhile thing, which would not be banal and not boring. The best gift is the one that is made by own hands. A universal gift for a man. Photo №1 Deciding with a gift for a man is besttake into account its sphere of activity, hobbies and hobbies, after that it is already beginning to create it. Most men love sports, in particular football. It will be fine if the gift will remind you of your favorite hobby. With your hands, you can make a wonderful bag in the form of a ball. Such a gift is both useful and exclusive. To create such a gift, you will need a black and white imitation leather, one strip of each. Their width is about 150-200 cm. In order for the knot to retain the round shape of the ball, you will need a glue sealant. For a lining suitable thick fabric. The ball is made according to a pattern of a pentagon or a hexagon. It can be made on plain paper, and then pasted onto cardboard to make the template harder. After the template is created, cut out 12 black pentagons and 20 hexagons of white. Cutting out the figures, provide for the increase of the material on the seams, about 5-7mm. The same work needs to be repeated with gluebase and lining material. The occupation is scrupulous, but the effect is worth it. In order to facilitate the process, the imitation leather can be glued to the base, and then cut out the figures. This option will greatly accelerate the creation of the desired gift. Now proceed to the zipper for the bag. It should be sewed between black and white figures. After that, we begin to sew the figures together. In the center we put a black pentagon and sew white hexagons to its sides. In the finished fabric, sew an element with a zipper. Cutting material is useful for the manufacture of handles. Inside the bag we paste the lining. Your gift is ready. A good gift will be a warm sweater with the symbols of your favorite football team. If you know how to knit, then make such a gift will not be difficult. A sweater will warm your man in the cold season, and remind you of it. If needlework is not your passion, thenthere is a simpler option. Buy a simple monochrome sweater and on top of it, fix on it the emblem of your beloved football team of your man. You can create an emblem yourself or buy it at a specialized store. The gift is simple in execution, but very original. Unexpected gift can be a soft toy in a sweater with an emblem. Unusual photo album with their own hands, no doubt,will please your beloved, and most importantly - will be an unexpected surprise. Pre-select the best photos for a photo album of good quality. In addition, you will need three sheets of A3 or A2 cardboard. Two of them must be monophonic, and one color. You will also need scissors and glue. The cover can be made from a beautiful drawing or a large photograph and decorated with a beautiful subtitle. A creative man who prefers art,like non-standard decoration for home or work corner. Such a gift is suitable for any interior. It is very simple to manufacture. The element of decor can be made from any improvised materials. Most often, this is:

  • paper,
  • glass,
  • beads,
  • beads,
  • tapes,
  • lace,
  • leather,
  • suede.

There is a huge variety of gifts for every taste. The most important thing is to make a gift unexpectedly and with a soul, then, of course, he will like any person.