Original lamps do it yourself: photo and master class

Original lamps do it yourself: photo and master class

Perhaps you looked at the photo and decided thatThis is an expensive chandelier of a famous brand. Or they thought that it was too complicated to make a chandelier with their own hands. But, if you have developed a creative beginning and the will to win, then there is nothing impossible for you! With the help of the master class, described below, you will not only make an original lamp with your own hands, but also understand that it is not so much difficult, but interesting and exciting! Designer chandelier worth $ 200 Analogue of the designer chandelier, which we will do in this master class. Content of the article:

Materials and tools

  • Chandelier blank - dandelion (you can buy it in stores like “all for chandeliers” or IKEA);
  • plastic pots;
  • gold paint, suitable for dyeing paper and cardboard, as well as plastics;
  • paint brush;
  • glue gun (hot glue) or glue super-moment transparent;
  • glass;
  • newspapers or polyethylene (so as not to stain the surface on which we will paint);
  • pencil;
  • scissors.

Chandelier blank for dandelion - you need to buy everything on the website for chandeliers

Lamp manufacturing technology

Step 1 Take the blank for the lamp. If you want more light to penetrate the flowers than the manufacturer intended, then you need to refine the workpiece. To do this, shorten the flowers - put the flowers proposed by the manufacturer, and a glass. Put the glass in the center of the flower and circle around. Repeat this on all flowers. If you have not found such a blank, you can simply cut it out of thick paper and stick it on the “knitting needles”. In order to evenly cut the “petals” of the chandelier - we use the glass Step 2. Now we cut off the excess length of the petals with scissors according to the drawn marks. Shorten “petals” Petal shape can bethe other, according to your taste. For example, the shape of a heart or a 4-leaf canister looks great. Step 3. To paint the lamp, pour the paint into a small container and take out a brush. The paint must be periodically mixed to the color lay evenly. Spread newspapers or polyethylene on a flat surface and wear gloves. We start the most monotonous, perhaps, work - we paint each flower from one side. Gold acrylic should be constantlyshuffle - otherwise it does not lie flat Step 4 Since the chandelier has the shape of a ball, the reverse side of the flowers can also be seen. But while the front side is drying, it is necessary to paint the rest of the lamp in the same color as the flowers. After painting, leave to dry. At this time, proceed to painting the backs of flowers. Painted leaves of the lamp Dry the base in about 1 hour. Step 5 Preparepots and glue. When the flowers are dry, we begin to gently attach the vases to the flowers on the glue moment or hot glue. In any case, there should be no smudges - all excess glue should be immediately removed with a rag. After gluing, leave to dry completely. This plastic pot can be made ofplastic bottle 0.5 liters Step 6 When all the elements of the lamp are dry from paint and glue, we begin to attach flowers to the frame. The dandelion mechanism allows you to easily attach one part to another - there is a special latch. Glue with "liquid nails" or glue type“Moment” plastic vases to petals Step 7 When all the elements are assembled, the most important part of the master class remains, for which everything was started. Choose a place if you did not invent it before starting work, and fix the chandelier with factory fixtures to the lamp or to the ceiling. Turn on the light - voila! Brilliant, elegant chandelier hangs with his hands in the right place! She looks rich and at the same time not pretentious. It will decorate the interior of any room, from the hallway to the living room, due to the simplicity of materials and the splendor of color. When you see her, you admit to yourself that this is what you dreamed about, and you will not be able to look away from her for a long time! After reading the proposed workshops youYou understand that now you can make an original lamp with your own hands. It is not very costly, but in the end - priceless, because your work and creativity is not easy to evaluate in money. It can be appreciated by the admiring glances of your family and friends. It is more expensive than money!