Canvas for embroidery with beads types and ways of creating (photo)

Canvas for embroidery with beads types and ways of creating (photo)


Beadwork is one of the typesNeedlework, which requires accuracy. Accurate work is impossible without good tools and materials for embroidering. If the cross stitch is embroidered, some stitches can be altered, then it will be very difficult to do here, without loss of quality of work and beauty. Therefore, the beads should be well calibrated, so that the embroidery is perfectly even, without any reliefs or irregularities. The beads must be sewn to a special canvas, which must match their size, be uniform in density and even weave. If the size of the tissue boxes for embroidery with beads does not match the size of the beads, the work will be skewed. Large cells of tissue and small beads will make the embroidery "loose", large beads and small cells - crammed.

Canvas for beaded embroidery

Canvas with a pattern for embroidery with beads The most ideal material for embroidery is considered
Aida - 14, where for every 10 cm of the base it is necessaryOn 55 cells. It can be of different sizes and colors. On sale, you can also meet a very beautiful, unusual base, which looks like a piece of ordinary cloth with a pattern applied. This is also a canvas for embroidery, but its difference from the classic is that you have to embroider directly on the printed image, each bead corresponds to the drawn cell to which it is sewn. Embroider on this fabric is very convenient and pleasant. Usually such a base is used for partial sewing of the motive, that is, certain fragments are sewn by the beads, and not the entire image. Such patterned fabrics are very light and soft, so when using them it is desirable to use the embroidery frame, the ideal variant is the tapestry hoop, on which the base will be evenly stretched. The same material with a printed pattern can be made by hand.

Schemes for embroidery with beads on canvas

Beautiful, elegant embroidery is impossible withoutUse a special scheme, through which the pattern is embroidered. The pattern of embroidery with beads is similar to the scheme of a cross, only a cell of a certain color corresponds not to a cross, but to a bead. For embroidery, it's best to choose patterns with 4 - 5 base colors, without different shades, so it will be easier to pick beads under the scheme. Such schemes can be purchased in handicraft shops, printed on a printer, or you can buy a ready-made set containing a scheme, an ordinary base, or with a printed pattern, carefully selected beads. The only drawback of such schemes is that you will periodically have to be distracted from embroidering to check each colored box with embroidered beads. This is bad for the eyesight, very tiring and the work is moving very slowly. To solve this problem, you can use a special print for embroidery with beads. What he really is? This is a processed canvas, which is completely ready for use. On it with special paints, printed pattern printed. All you have to do is embroider it on your own, sewing a bead of a certain color on the appropriate box on the fabric.

How the pattern is applied to the embroidery fabric

In the textile industry, the figure for
Beads are applied in various ways. In the first case, the motif on the fabric is stuffed with a special stencil, using this method each color area is applied separately. The second method of application is the method of hot decalcomania. Its essence lies in the fact that first the image is printed on paper with special colors in the mirror image. Then this paper is applied to the material and transferred to it with a drawing using hot sublimation. When working on the production of fabric with printed patterns, manufacturers use only high-quality paints, so this basis of industrial production guarantees an excellent result of embroidery with beads on canvas. If you want, or you can not buy a fabric with a pattern for embroidery, you can make it at home using your own hands, using special colors for fabrics that can be purchased in various stores, or ordinary acrylics.

How to make a print for your own embroidery

The basis for drawing images by yourselfMust be of high quality, only then you can get an ideal embroidery base. There are several ways to apply a pattern to a fabric. One of them is "printing stitches", with this method, individual stitches are drawn on the canvas with acrylic or other paints. Stitches on the fabric are applied, referring to the scheme, each color area is clearly distinguishable. You can also transfer only the contours of the pattern to the base and embroider, orienting yourself on these lines. The image can be applied with the help of special disappearing markers, which are sold in hobby and needlework shops. After the drawing of the scheme, and the end of the work, the drawings put by the markers disappear with time, leaving no trace. However, the colors of these markers are very limited, usually they are 2 - 3 colors.
One of the popular methods of applyingImage on the fabric for embroidery is a computer printout on a color printer. First, the motive for working with beads is developed in special programs, painted with colors on the computer and distributed along the canvas, taking into account its features. Such programs can be found on the Internet, they allow you to create your own, original embroidery, counting everything down to the smallest detail. Then, the fully prepared motif is printed by the printer based on. A print for embroidery with beads at home is desirable to print on a laser color printer. If water enters the fabric with a pattern from the ink jet printer, it is likely that the entire substrate will be stained with current paints. In the event that it all the same happened, the finished product should be washed with bleach. With such a large number of methods, it is not difficult to make a base with a pattern on your own.

Preparation of fabric for embroidery with beads

If you want to get a quality, accurateWork, then you should not save on materials used for work. Canvas, with a pattern applied at home, should be of high quality, it is also better not to save on beads. Low-quality materials can deliver many unpleasant minutes in the process of embroidery. Everything that is made by own hands must be neat and beautiful, so that the embroidered product is a real work of art.
Before embroidery, it is necessary to identifyThe density of the cells of the base, the canvas for embroidery with beads should be the same density. We select on the basis of a section 10 cm wide, count the threads on it and divide the number by 4 (along and across). This is the density of the weave of the fabric. Now you need to determine the size of the finished product. To do this, the number of squares in the scheme is divided by the density obtained. After we decided on the size of the embroidered work, we cut out the base according to the calculated size. Before starting work, it is desirable to process the material to give it rigidity and to fix its edges from shedding. This is done with the usual PVA glue. The fabric is thoroughly smeared with glue, spread and dried. If desired, it can be aligned with a hot iron. We are talking, of course, about ordinary cloth, and not with a pattern applied. After the canvas is processed and the motif is applied, you can begin to embroider. At the end of work, the finished product should be washed in warm soapy water and dried in the sun or with the help of towels. On batteries, embroidered products can not be dried, as they can wrinkle and become covered with ugly spots.

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