Owl cross-stitching of wise birds (diagrams)

Owl cross-stitching of wise birds (diagrams)


Owls are noble, sedate creatures, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. For many years, it is these judgments that characterize these unusual birds.
Images of birds will look great withInterior, living room or library room. However, buying expensive paintings and other interior elements may not be affordable for everyone, but anyone can embroider such pictures. The help will be available schemes and our explanations for the work.

Embroidery with owls

So, for cross stitching you will need:

  • Canvas of white color, it is better to choose Aida brand. Cut out the canvas strictly according to the size of your embroidery, receding the edges for the future frame;
  • Printed circuit variants, both color and black and white version. Very successful variants ("a noble owl on a tree") and ("Amigo's funny owl);
  • Threads of a mulina, selected according to the scheme;
  • the hoop;
  • Sewing thread.

Before embroidering, prepare the canvas: Save it from jams and crumbling edges. To do this, iron it with an iron and sweep the edges, using sewing thread. If you plan, after ready to put the embroidery in the frame, do not forget to make the field. So, embroidery should have from the edge of at least 4 cm indentation.
The edges are machined or manually.
To facilitate your work, make a markup. On the canvas is usually applied a grid of squares of 10 to 10 cells. In order not to spoil the embroidery, the marking is applied with a special marker or pencil with a soft lead, which after easy removal, after washing the product.
When the canvas is finished, it is pulled on the embroidery frame and embroidering process begins.
The picture is embroidered according to the scheme.
So, you embroider a cross according to the schemeNumber of crosses, respectively changing the thread. In order to make the picture particularly neat and beautiful, try to stick to the incline of the crosses in one direction. Thus, both upper and lower rows are embroidered.
The first scheme "Funny owl-Amigo" - very bright, but it is due to the colors and simple because it's not trivial to start it, it's worth it first, i.e. Top of the hat and move towards the circuit.

Such embroidery, perfectly suited to the interior of the hall or a children's room, can become a wonderful gift for a traveler.
The second scheme "Owl on the branches", just like the first one is embroidered with a cross, however it will require more attention from you, because it consists of several fragments and a large palette of flowers.

Try, follow the scheme clearly and check yourself more often, so that eventually you will get the perfect picture with the correct color transition.
In order for you not to go astray with the transition from one fragment of the circuit to another, mark directly on the diagram, the sections of the transition and the time of the mouth of time, just keep track of them.

On the embroidery scheme bold marked out the contours, whichAlso worth mentioning. To do this, you simply add the usual thread of a floss to four or six threads and pass the seam "back with a needle" at the points of the contours. As a result, the picture is more voluminous and expressive.
At the end of work, the edges of the finished product must be processed with the help of an overlock or manually.
Then wash the embroidery and iron in the right places with an iron.
So, your unusual picture is ready and you can put it in the frame.
For embroidery "Funny owl-Amigo" is suitable for a simple frame and a bright mat, for the picture "Owl on the branches" you can pick up something more bohemian and luxurious.
Here in such an unusual and very exciting way you created a new element of your interior that will please you and your guests.
Pleasant and exciting work!

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