Owl made of beads by own hands (photos and diagrams)

Owl made of beads by own hands (photos and diagrams)


This season, the owl of beads, especially if itMade by own hands will enjoy a frenzied popularity. The voluminous figurine of this bird can replace you with a key chain or pendant for a bag, and the beaded ham will become an original and stylish brooch.

Master class on making owls from beads

We will weave a sheepskin, which will decorate the lapel of your jacket.
Traditionally, we will start our master class with the preparation of all materials and tools necessary for the work. So, we need:

  • Skin (a small piece);
  • lining fabric;
  • monofilament;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • clasp;
  • Super glue;
  • cardboard;
  • 2 rivoli (12mm);
  • White Magatama beads;
  • Hematite Czech beads Twin;
  • Toho hematite drops;
  • Pearl Czech beads № 6, 10;
  • Pearl beads Delica Toho № 11;
  • Silver beads Toho No. 15;
  • Pearl Magatham.

Here's how the photo looks like the main materials that we will use to create

Having prepared everything we need, we can begin beading:
The first thing we need to do is to braid the Rivoli. To do this, we first need to weave a ring of 30 beads Delica Toho under number 11.

Then we will have to make 2 more rows of silver beads.

After that, we can insert the Rivoli and, turning it on the "underside" weave 2 ruffles from the same beads.

Without changing the scheme of action, we will need to exactly the same braid and the second Rivoli in order to later sew it to our base.

Further, our brooch will be more like an owl. To begin with, we'll sew her a bead tween, which will replace the nose of the future bird.

Now on top we will need to sew 2 beads of magatam.

For further work, we need this scheme:

Especially useful it will be for beginner craftsmen, since with its help it is easy to sew around the circle of "eyes" of our bird:

Next, we will have to draw a tummy for our little girl.

Having done this, we will have to sew it with Czech beads at number 10.

Then you will have to expand the tummy of the owl with Toho drops and Czech beads No. 6.

And only after that you will be able to trim the excess fabric neatly.

Next, you need to cut out a small piece of oval-shaped cardboard and glue it to the base.

13.After this, we will need to fasten the clasp to the skin and, gluing it to the base, cut off excess edges.

Then we will need to sew the edges and at the same time sew the wings with the paws. For this we need this scheme:

At this stage, our small master class can be considered complete. Here's what a wonderful owl of beads we got:

Using the same scheme, but choosing different beads of different colors you can make many different similar brooches:

Schemes for weaving owls from beads

Beading allows us to create amazing figures. Regardless of whether they are flat or bulky, you can in any case be able to decorate your clothes or accessories.
We tried to find a variety of complexitySchemes of weaving such figurine-snovels so that even novice craftsmen could make a brooch or pendant in the form of an owl. Here are the most popular schemes of owls from beads:

Flat figure (weaving on wire)

Simple schemes of owls from beads for bookmarks or small charms

More complex schemes of weaving volumetric hamsters:

Video: How to Weave an Owl out of Crystals