Owl of cones: turn-based master class, ideas, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Owl of cones: turn-based master class, ideas, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

In the summer and autumn in the forest you can find manynatural material for needlework. Therefore, these periods of the year are the most fertile for needlework with children. For the manufacture of handicrafts, acorns, twigs, leaves or bumps will do. In general, you can use almost everything, most importantly, to show a little fancy. The products from the material, which can be found in the forest, develop in children imagination and fine motor skills. In addition, they allow you to take a child for a long time, and also help him to know the amazing world of plants. The joint creativity of parents and children strengthens mutual understanding and friendship, and also teaches perseverance. Shishki is a wonderful natural material from which it is possible to make beautiful and interesting things. For example, owls of cones are excellent. Such products can be used as a decoration for a room or as a gift for a holiday. As a general recommendation for hand-made articles of similar material, you can give a little advice: before making products, bake cones in the oven at 200 degrees for about half an hour. This procedure is aimed at drying the moist natural material and decontaminating it. In addition, this natural material canhide a lot of unsafe living creatures - spiders, ticks, etc. The smallest bumps need to be heated for 15-20 minutes, otherwise they will burn. After that you can start the needlework!

Owl with felt eyes

This master class requires the help of adults. To make an owl or a suvence you will need:

  • Pine cone;
  • trimming different colors from felt;
  • glue;
  • Eyes for dolls on an adhesive basis;
  • scissors;
  • Stapler or needle with thread.

Walkthrough:First you need to cut out of felt all the details for the bird's head. First, owls made of felt are made. To do this, cut 2 circles of different diameters. The circle of a larger diameter is cut at the edges in the form of a rim. bumps scissorsThen it is necessary to cut out the detail of the head of the owl,which will be fastened to the eyes. In the photo, it is dark brown in color. The dimensions of all parts are chosen arbitrarily, the main thing is that they are in harmony with the body of the owl. For the manufacture of the suven, the details are made smaller. Next, wings and a beak are cut out. It is necessary to collect all the details of the bird's head. Felt eye details can be attached to the main part of the head with a stapler or sewed by hand. The beak is stuck. owl's eyesThen it is necessary to glue in the central partsdetails from felt for puppet eyes. You can buy them almost at any sewing store. After that, the head of an owl can be glued to the body. owlThe owl of cones is almost ready! It remains to paste the wings on the sides of the body. fake owlAs you can see, the process is not anything complicated. The only difficulty can be the handling of glue, so adults can help the child in making crafts.

Owl made of paper and cones

From the cones of an owl almost alwaysOK. You can try your hand at making birds with paper eyes and wings. In this master class, you will need a pine cone, glue and a printer to manufacture the craft. The bowl will serve as the bird's body. All the details are shown in the picture. You can print the image, and then cut out the liked elements. drawings of an owlFor making wings, you can useas ready samples, and cut them out of newspapers. The latter option will look rather unusual. All parts are attached to the pine cone with glue. The product is ready! The toy is made with minimal labor and time costs. toys of cones

Owl made of corrugated paper and cones

This product is similar to the previous one, exceptThe fact that the bird parts are made of corrugated paper. The handicraft looks very unusual, and it can be used as a gift to friends or relatives for a holiday. What will it take to make:

  • fir cone;
  • corrugated paper of different colors;
  • glue;
  • colored markers.

The whole process is divided into several stages:First you need to cut out of corrugated paper all the elements - the bird's head, wings, beak and eyes. To produce them, you can use the diagram, which shows all the elements. The diagram can be printed out, then cut out all the details and translate them onto corrugated paper. markupEyes can be painted on paper with markers,using yellow and black colors. After that, all the details are glued to the substrate using glue. The handicraft is ready! To hang it on the tree, you can attach a string or string to it. toy owl

Owl made of plasticine and cones

Make an owl of cones and plasticine child can independently, without the help of adults. For crafts you will need:

  • plasticine of different colors;
  • spruce or pine cone.

For the production of the product, you can use visual images of such crafts. eagle owl bird of conesThe algorithm is as follows:

  • Shishka acts as the body of a bird. All plasticine details will be attached to it: eyes, wings, beak, and ears, if an owl is made.
  • All details are molded from plasticine according to arbitrary sizes. It is necessary that they look harmonious compared to the body of a bird.
  • After molding, it is necessary to fix plasticine elements on the body of the owl. The product is ready! You can additionally use elements of decor, for example, plant the owl on a spruce twig.
  • Examples of products

    How can an owl be made already known, andSimilarly, other products can be manufactured with cones. From spruce and pine cones, you get beautiful little ones, you just have to try a little. What other crafts can be made using cones: Toys for the New Year:

    • for the basis of such crafts a pine cone is taken. The wings, beak and bird's eyes are made of colored paper. Decorates the cute cap. It can be sewed by hand. It is also necessary to attach a rope to the pile in order to be able to hang the toy on the tree;

    owl for the new year

    • Christmas tree toy, more laborious. A bird is used as a bird's body. Plumage can be made from small twigs. As the eyes used ready-made plastic eyes. They are attached to the center of the pompon, which can be made from tinsel or thread.

    toy on the treeBig owl on the wall.This piece is laborious, and in order to produce a large owl, it will take a lot of spruce and pine cones. They are glued together and, if desired, can be attached for reliability on the frame. A similar work can be done in a large children's collective, then it will become an adornment of one of the walls. birds of the coneNatural composition of leaves, artificialplants and other natural material. Sewers can be attached to a base of plasticine. Wings of a bird can be made from leaves. Eyes are made by analogy with the previous example. The beak can be molded from plasticine. The branches are used as feathers. Sitting on a snag. Next, you can attach artificial plants to plasticine. fake of conesOther crafts. Of cones with their own hands, you can make other cute animals, for example, a hedgehog or a bear. bear of conesSee similar master classes: