Owl toy made of fabric, felt by own hands, pattern, master class / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Owl toy made of fabric, felt by own hands, pattern, master class / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Bird Soveshka always symbolized wisdom andmystery for the human mind. This night bird is really very skillfully hidden before dark, very wisely leads its life and hunts under the protection of the Moon.When a person receives an owl as a gift, it signifies a deep respect for the donor to him. At the same time, even more attention can be paid to a person if you decide to sew an owl you want to give to a person yourself.

The rules of sewing an owl made of cloth

Best toy owl is looked fromhard fabrics such as felt - they keep the shape, giving the toy even more bulk and realism. A properly sewn sovushka will look like a professional factory toy and will win the respect of not only the recipient of the gift to you, as an attentive donor, but other people as a professional needlewoman. The "Sovushka" toy under this recipe will be soft and will be pleasant to both a small child and adult. To make an artwork "Sobunya" you will need the simplest materials:

  • Heavy paper or cardboard;
  • large flap tissue;
  • Filler;
  • Legend for the eyes;
  • Threads, needle;
  • Scissors.
  • Take the time to create a toy, likethe opportunity to prove yourself - choose the brightest and beautiful patches of fabric, interesting buttons and beads, shiny ribbons and tinsel to decorate the owl. The owl pattern made of cloth The order of manufacturing the toy Originally fora pattern is prepared: you will need a paper segment of a circle with an angle of 85 degrees and one with an angle of 30 degrees. The radius of both segments of the segments should be the same. There are 2 triangles with a convex bottom of paper. toy-owl

    • Using stencils, cut out 1 necessary detail for each pattern for the ham and sew them together, without sewing the bottom. You should get a kind of rag cone.


    • The upper part of the cone - about one quarter - is separated by a pin.


    • The rest of the cone is tightly packed with filler and sewed.


    • The tip of the remaining empty corner with a pair of inconspicuous stitches sew to the formed torso body - this is her head and beak.
    • After the main stage of modeling you can do decoration:
    • Using a pattern, cut out a circle thatby diameter will be slightly less than the "bottom" of the toy. " Tighten it with a cloth and sew to the bottom - with the help of such a stand the owl will firmly stand on your shelf.


    • From the felt cut out white circles - the whites of the eyes, and brown or blue - their irises. Glue or sew them to the location of the eyes. Pupils can be created from beads or buttons.

    toy-owl-6You can decorate a ready-made bird with a bow. In the girl's girl-girl, the bow can be placed on the head or on the chest, And the elegant eagle owl is an elegant butterfly around the neck.

    Owl of felt

    These cute owls - toys are sewed simply and quickly, even without a sewing machine. Use glue to join parts and decorative hand-stitches. Patterns - below. Owl of felt - patternClick to enlarge. To pereshnjat a pattern it is possible directly from the screen.

    Even better, more beautiful

    The owl will be even more interesting if you add some interesting details to the finished toy. Or even slightly change the technology of making things.

    • Flying bird

    Owl is not like an ostrich that can notto fly. Although they do have similarities, they are wings. Toy-owl, too, can get toy wings, so that she can fly with her congeners. toy-owl-7It is enough to cut out of a thick paper patternwings of the shape you need, with its help cut 4 pieces of cloth with an indentation on the allowance, sew them together until the end so that you get 2 wings-pockets. These wings you can fill with the same filler as the body, sew to the end and sew or glue to the torso on the sides. Now the shepherd can fly through a fairy forest.

    • Adding realism to the work of the Sobunya

    To create the most serious and realisticowl, you can use the cloth flaps, which in color resemble owl feathers: white, white gray or black. Just remember that a puziko - a triangle with a smaller angle, should be a contrasting color. For example, you will have a black owl - her pussy must be white. For such a hamster, you and your eyes can pick up more realistic ones - real puppet eyes are sold in special needlework shops. A ready-made owl can be a good gift to a student after the Olympics, as a symbol of Mind. Can ovounie be presented as a gift to the teacher as a symbol of Wisdom. Several such lovely birds will serve the beautiful decorations of the home interior. And young children will come to wild delight from the big soft toy-sovushki.Smotrite similar master classes: