We independently make flowers of watercolor paper with our own hands

We independently make flowers of watercolor paper with our own hands

Flowers - an excellent decoration of the house. But the fresh flowers, purchased in the flower shop, please the eye very briefly. And not every person can grow plants on windowsills. Therefore, an excellent option will be the manufacture of crafts-flowers with their own hands. How to make flowers from watercolor paper for interior decoration? Simple enough! Today we will learn how to do them. Beautiful paper buds are suitable for decorating gift wrapping or living space. They are not very difficult at all. How to make unusual flowers from simple watercolor paper with your own hands. Photo №1 To make original colors from watercolor paper you will need:

  • watercolor paper (it sells specialized stores for artists);
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • brush;
  • synthetic dense thread;
  • fork;
  • semolina;
  • PVA glue.

So, let's start the process: First you need to take a sheet of watercolor paper and draw on it the patterns of two three-leafed flowers - one for more, another smaller. Cut flowers-billet, and paint them with watercolors of delicate color, for example, pink. It must be done on both sides. While the flowers are not dry, wind each petal on a brush with a thick base and pinch to it each petal along the entire length. The edge of each petal is shaded by a shade of a darker shade than the whole of its base. So the flower will look quite natural. Then you need to collect the petals-petals in a whole flower and fasten them together. This can be done with a quick-drying glue. The next stage is the manufacture of stamens for ourflower. To do this, you need to take a fork, and wind it with a string of dense synthetics. Then one of its end is tied carefully, and the other is cut with scissors. After that, color the threads in the desired color, preferably in yellow. And wait for the drying, then dip each turn in each PVA glue or wax. Gently wrap them in a manga and allow them to dry thoroughly. Stamens, when they dry, you need to gently stick to the middle of the flower. Then make a flower stem from a wand,painted green or wrapped in green paper. You can also make leaves for the flower from the same watercolor paper. So, a beautiful and non-moving with time flower from ordinary watercolor paper is ready! It will serve as an excellent decoration for your house, and a whole bouquet of such flowers can be used as a gift.