Patch: shiny embroidery with your own hands photo

Patch: shiny embroidery with your own hands photo


Embroidery with paillettes - one of the most beautiful handWorks. Packs are shiny flat scales, mostly round in shape. They can be any color and shade. Use such sequins in a variety of decors. Any things with such details acquire a unique, refined look.
Paillettes embroider paintings, clothes, makeOrnaments. There are products in which several types of decorative elements are combined. Working with a similar decor takes a long time. This depends primarily on the size of the product and the style of embroidery. You need a little assiduity, but it's worth it.
We offer several ways of embroidering paillettes, with which you can make your things individual and original.

Embroidery pattern with paillettes

To embroider a picture, all the details can be bought separately, and you can purchase ready-made sets for this purpose. Master-class embroidery paintings:
To embroider a painting you will need:

  • Sequins of different colors;
  • A foam board;
  • Background with a picture (it should be dotted);
  • Embroidery scheme;
  • Carnations;
  • Frame from polystyrene.

The process of painting:
If you decide to collect a picture-mosaic by buying a set, then while embroidering with pawns, pay attention to the colored box. He will help you a lot. So, we begin to collect the mosaic from the paetas as in the photo.

  • On the foam plastic tablet lay a bitmap. We place it so that at the edges there are even white stripes of foam plastic;
  • Take the studs or buttons. They fix all sides of the workpiece. If you do not take into account this point, the picture will be destroyed;
  • On an attached chart, each dot is represented by its color. The same paillette should be attached. Look carefully at the diagram to avoid color;
  • Start painting any picture from the edges. Thus, gradually moving towards the middle. If you start working with the center, it will be more difficult to calculate the number of sequins;
  • Be sure to keep in mind that you need to sew the patches with the rounded side up;
  • The final stage of the master class will be the attachment of the foam frame. It must be fixed on the image with carnations.
  • The picture in the frame is ready. She can not only decorate your home. It will be appropriate to use it as a gift. All the splendor is clearly visible in the photo.

    Embroidery with a braid with paetkami

    There are several answers to the question how to sewPatches. One of these can be called embroidery tessemochkami. To decorate a product in this way, you first need to draw a drawing on paper. There are no restrictions on the number or complexity of the elements. It can be spirals, flowers or some other figures. Draw what you like. After the ornament is ready, we apply it to the fabric on which the image will be embroidered.
    Place the material on the embroidery frame. You can transfer the picture to the fabric using a carbon copy. Carefully circle all the elements of the picture. When pulling the fabric on the hoop, do not be zealous. The fibers of the fabric can shift and the pattern will become indistinct. Needle for embroidery paillettes will use a special. This is a thin needle especially for beads. You can buy it at any store. Select the thread in the tone of the fabric. Once you have stretched it in the eye of the needle, tie a knot at the end.

    Fixing the sequins with beadsWe will embroiderLine. To do this, you need to pull out the needle with the thread on the front side. On them to put on a bead with paillette. Press them to the fabric with your finger. Then slide the needle into the sequin, but without touching the beads. If you look, then you should get a flower in which the bead will be a little gray. Now pull the thread back to the front side, but not close.
    The distance should be equal to the radius of sewnBeads. Then everything is done in the same way. So you can embroider the whole drawing you draw. After finishing the last stitch, the fabric should be ironed, but only on the wrong side. When ironing, do not touch the areas where the sequins are sewn.

    Embroidery with paillettes overlapped

    Sewing sequins "overlap" There is one moreA way of embroidery with sequins, but already without beads. Consider the master class on embroidery overlap. First, the needle, as well as in the first version, should be pulled out to the front side, put on the sequin and put it back on the wrong side. After a half-millimeter, repeat the stitch in this way. So continue until the picture is covered completely with sequins. Ideally, you get embroidery in the form of scales. But in the process of sewing, see that the elements do not turn upward with their ribs, but fit well against each other. They should lie a little overlap.
    Today, many people like to wear clothes,Decorated with paillettes and beads. That's very beautiful. Usually such elements are used in festive outfits, but in everyday life such embroidery is also present in a variety of spheres. In the second case, as a rule, they are limited only to not bright, small details.

    How to embroider clothes with paillettes and beads

    Simple enough. To begin with, you must select a pattern and a variety of colors that you will use in the process of embroidering with pawns. In this you can help our site and various magazines. There are a lot of interesting options. On the selected fabric, translate the drawing with copy paper. The more different colors of devices you choose, the more colorful the image will appear, for example as in the photo. And accordingly, and clothes will look more interesting. In the process of embroidery, use the embroidery frame. Place the fabric as it is, no wrinkles. For sewing clothes with paillettes and beads, it is best to use the seam "forward with a needle". It will take a little longer, but the sequins will stick well, and the clothes will easily fold. The needle is held on the front side. She puts on one paillette. At the output fix. Thus, all the sewn elements will not rotate, and spoil the pattern.
    We decorate the dress with paillettes
    What would a dress had some feature,Embroider it with paillettes, using the "brush" method. This method was used to embroider in olden times noble ladies their clothes. Tools for embroidery: a thin needle for embroidery; material; Thread in the tone of the fabric; Sequins.
    Method of production:
    We take a needle with a thread and pierce it on the frontSide. We string on it the right amount of flakes. After that, we return it to the wrong side and fix it. Tension the thread as desired. From the force of tension will depend on the degree of droop of the decor element.

    Tambour seam when embroidering sequins

    As already mentioned above, there are several methods of embroidering paillettes and beads. One way to attach flakes to the tissue is to
    . It differs from all the others in that in the process of using a needle is not used, but a special hook as in the photo. They are of different types.

    For embroidery with a tambour seam it is necessary to use:

  • Hook;
  • Embroidery frame. If the product is small, then you can take the standard. But if you decide to embroider large drawings, then buy in the market or in the store the usual picture frames. This will save your budget;
  • Holder for hoop. This is an inseparable thing of this method. In the process itself, you will need to use two hands. Therefore, without it, how not to do. Choose universal. It is the most simple and convenient;
  • The cloth. Luneville technique is better to embroider on organza. But as practice shows you can use everything that pierces the hook.
  • The very essence of fixing the sequins with a crochet is similar toMethod of needle sewing. Only the place of the needle you pull the thread. Browse the photo - it's very beautiful. For some professionals, it's easier to work with a crochet than with a needle. In fact, there are many master classes of embroidery with paillettes and beads. But before you start decorating, carefully study all existing styles and choose the one that you like the most.
    Embroidery with a seam "lazy squaw" For all beginners,Who decided to learn how to embroider paillettes and beads, we offer a master class of embroidery with a seam "lazy squaw". A very simple way to make something unusual out of clothes or a handbag with your own hands.

    Seam "Lazy Squaw" For this you will need:

    • needle;
    • thread;
    • Sequins.

    Embroidery process:
    We drag the thread on the front side andString several flakes. We return back, on the wrong side. So we got the first row. To start the second - you need to thread a bead down on the front side on one bead. And also string a few spangles. It turns out very nice and fast.

    How to make a stylish old thing

    If you have an old, but a whole T-shirt that you do not wear for a very long time, but throw it away, it can be done in a few hours very stylish. Simply embroider sequins.
    We embroider a T-shirt with paillettes. We will use dark, several shades of red. You can also take the beads in the tone of scales.

    We will use the cute strawberry pattern. The tail can be stitched if desired. This drawing is small in size, because the hoop will not be needed. First you need to make an image on the T-shirt. Consider a step-by-step master class. To do this, you can translate the finished image or draw your own. We begin to sew from the outline of the picture. A thin needle shows the thread on the front side. We put on one sparkle and tone it with a bead. We return back to the pallet. So, we fixed the sequin with beads.
    Since the bead is slightly larger than the diameterHoles in the flake, it can not be fixed. She will not fall away. Thus, we make the shape of a strawberry. Red color can be placed as you like. The middle of the picture can be sewn completely, but it will be more beautiful if you lay down a little less often. Believe me, now your shirt will look very nice and stylish.
    Embroider sequins and beads is actually easy,The main thing is to understand the process itself. These master classes will help you find the right solution. A thing made with their own hands will always be exclusive.

    Video: beads and paillettes