Palm tree of beads paradise tree by own hands (photo)

Palm tree of beads paradise tree by own hands (photo)


Beading creates a wide field for us to create and realize our diverse ideas. Trees from beads can be attributed to a separate extensive category of this type of needlework.
In this article, we will introduce you to the basics of weaving a banana tree or easier to say the palms of beads.

Schemes and variants of weaving of palm leaves

You can not make any palm leaves with your own hands, only your desire and material prepared in advance will be necessary.
The schemes of weaving palm leaves are quite simple and you can easily reproduce such a paradise tree with your own hands.

For the manufacture you will need a beads of green shades and a wire for attaching it.
Beginning needlewomen can try to master such an easy and understandable master class of weaving palm leaves on a copper wire.
It is not necessary to strictly follow the scheme, the number of beads you can vary at your own discretion, changing the length or thickness of the product.

After finishing work on the palm leaves,Take a suitable base of their fastening, it can be, for example, a bamboo or wooden stick, to which by means of a wire you and fasten your workpieces from leaves.
The trunk can be decorated with woolen threads, and the base of the palm can be made of plaster or clay.
Also often, craftsmen use the mirror side of a computer disk as a basis, which is decorated with shells or the same beads to imitate the ocean coast.

Video: Weaving of palm beads