Panoramic windows in the interior: the space in the house and the options for framing and use in the design of the apartment (47 photos)

Panoramic windows in the interior: the space in the house and the options for framing and use in the design of the apartment (47 photos)

In the interiors of a private house you can oftento meet large panoramic windows. This is due to the fact that, firstly, it is possible to carry out the project, because in ordinary apartments this option is very rarely seen. Secondly - in this way, sunlight reaches the room as much as possible and completely illuminates it in the daytime. Content

Why panoramic windows are very practical and comfortable

If you have the opportunity to designinstallation of a panoramic window - you are provided with a beautiful view and proximity to nature, because just sitting on the couch, you can watch everything that is happening in the world. Thus, we can not only escape from the hustle and bustle, but also relax after a hard working day. For the interior of rooms, a panoramic window also plays a large role:

  • Visually expands the space of the room, makes it much brighter and more sunny.
  • In the atmosphere you feel that you are partly in nature, but at the same time staying in the comfort and coziness of your home environment.
  • The need to additionally use lighting devices disappears, as daylight is completely sufficient. At the same time, you save a good amount of electricity.

Among the nuances that may arise are:

  • Fairly high cost of installing windows, because they are of non-standard size.
  • Another disadvantage will be high thermal conductivity,which means that you lose heat in the room, and you have to heat it additionally. The installation of high-quality energy-saving double-glazed windows will help solve this nuance. One of the most practical and optimal options are vacuum models, although at a price they are not cheap at all. You can also use energy-saving film, which is glued to the outer part of the window structure.

Windows in the interior of different rooms

Mostly panoramic windows are set in a private houseon the ground floor, but in fact they can be designed at other levels. In the interior of different rooms, windows can be decorated in different interpretations and styles. Living room. Large windows in the living room will help to make it much more spacious and beautiful. Beautiful design and good lighting with panoramic windows. Even a small room will look much more attractive and beautiful. Spacious windows in the living room interior. Very important.the point is that when using panoramic windows you have the opportunity to decorate the walls in dark colors. This is again due to the fact that a sufficient amount of light will enter the room. The windows will look even more chic and unique in the combined kitchen and living room. A similar decision can be made in the options of a studio apartment. The interior of the combined living room and kitchenIf you have a gorgeous landscape view of nature or other places of interest from the bedroom of your house, it will simply be a big mistake not to use the possibility of installing a panoramic window from floor to ceiling. View from the panoramic windowWindow decoration with a dark border will look beautiful, which will be duplicated in a chandelier and other interior items. Thus, you have the opportunity to make contrasting accents that will create a unique room design. The option of a dark edging of the frame Bedroom decorationin the style of minimalism - this is a great solution that will require a panoramic window even more. The concept of direction in minimalism is the scope of the maximum amount of light, the minimum presence of furniture and decor. So you can well emphasize the highlight of the style with the help of panoramic windows. The bedroom is designed according to the principle of minimalismSpeaking of variant windows, there is the concept of a seamless variant. This means that it will be presented in the form of a monolithic structure, like a transparent wall. Of course, in fact there are seams, but they are completely invisible due to the lack of a metal-plastic profile. Transparent wall design Importantremember that if you decide to install such windows at home - you will need a mandatory additional forced ventilation system or an additional number of windows that can be opened. Kitchen In the kitchen, panoramic windows are quite rare, unless they were originally conceived in the design of a private house. Panoramic windows in the design of the kitchen area. There they a special role, because natural lighting in the kitchen area is an important factor for the process of work and cooking. On the other hand, if there are no such windows, you will not be distracted from the main tasks that are set in the kitchen. Landscape from the kitchen window If there are still windows inthere is a kitchen, or there is the opportunity to make them - everything should be beautifully designed. Dark frames in snow-white painted kitchen will look unique. They will create a contrast, especially if nature is outside the window, and the green color outside the window will dilute the overall picture. Dark frames in the interior of a bright kitchenThe presence of a large window from the floor to the ceiling will not only help to cope with the work productively, but also create a sense of space due to the presence of a sufficient amount of light. You can check in practice how much potential and motivation, as well as productivity results, increase. During breaks, without getting up from your chair, you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the scenery outside the window. Making a comfortable office with a panoramic window Window with a dark frame in the interior of the study From practical recommendations - it is best to place a desk in the window area. The location of the desktop near the window Most oftenit is mounted completely deaf, so you should consider ventilation or an additional small window that can be used for fresh air. Bathroom There is nothing better in the world than basking in a warm bath and observing nature through large panoramic windows. Large beautiful window in the design of the bathroomTo further enhance this effect, you can take a book or a glass of wine with you. You will not believe how pleasant the sensations will be, and what a positive charge you will have. The location of the bath near the panoramic window

Design options for windows in the interior

Initially, it may seem that forplastic windows color choice will be quite limited. In fact, this is absolutely not the case, because modern designs often use multi-colored films that can be glued onto the frame without any problems. In this case, you will have the opportunity to imitate a wooden texture, matte or glossy color. The most traditional and often used options are white and black colors, which are made to match the natural texture of wood. If your choice is black- It will be logical to duplicate this color on other interior items. Here the main task will not be to overdo it so that the room does not come out gloomy and inhospitable. Natural materials have always remained in trend, so the use of natural wood as a frame will always be relevant. You need to understand that it will be more expensive in price, but much better and more durable in operation. White wood windows look spectacular in the interior of the rooms. They combine well with additional elements in the decoration and texture. It can be a laminate, parquet, wooden board, cabinet furniture and other items in the design of the room. An interesting point will be the combinationflowers. For example, very often they like to order contrasting black and white windows that look spectacular and unique in the design of a country house. It is important to know that the color scheme is important not only for the profile, but also for the decorative layout, which will play out not only the function of the decorative element, but also an important part of the construction of a large glass pane. When you use large windows - the layout is simply necessary to protect against the effects of external manifestations that can affect and deform the surface. It is also important to note that the windows are differentforms. They can repeat the image and shape of the wall or be arched. In the latter case, it fits perfectly into a room with large ceilings, while its interior will look very organic and natural. In conclusion, it is worth saying that panoramic windows -this is a great option to enjoy the scenery outside the window, visually expand the space of your premises and beautifully decorate the interior of any of the rooms in the house, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the bathroom. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!