Paper Cinderella doll for the desktop theater, and other options / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Paper Cinderella doll for the desktop theater, and other options / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Making your favorite fairy-tale characters is notonly allows you to organize an interesting and exciting game - the puppet theater. The process allows you to show imagination, try your skills, breathe a piece of your warmth and soul into the resulting toys. This is very important for children, because that's how they communicate with their toys. Zolushka - a fairy-tale princess beloved by many generations - can become a real creation of the child's hands. You can make it in several ways.

The paper version has the greatest similarity

Simply and quickly you get a paper doll Cinderella. The use of cardboard for making dolls makes it sustainable and practical. To do this, print out the proposed templates, cut out the individual parts and carefully add them along the proposed lines. The dashed line is the fold line, the straight line along the perimeter is for the cut. Cutting and collecting separately the top and bottom of Cinderella, we give the product volume and the ability to "change outfits" depending on the plot. With clothes for secondary scenes, you can understand the same way. MK Cinderella made of paper step 1

How to sew Cinderella?

In the theater of dolls it is possible to play and characters,which can be sewn on special pattern. They are produced longer than paper dolls, but they serve for a longer time and can be kept on the shelves for years. The work begins with a pattern. We cut out the proposed parts from the material, which must be previously cleaned, patted and folded in half with the front side inward. MK Cinderella made of paper step 2Sew the parts in the same way as in Fig. 3, which shows the leg. We turn it out and stuff it with soft contents. MK Cinderella made of paper step 3The lower and upper halves of the body are stuffed from the waist. Then they sew together. The presence of such an element in the theater game will givesimilarity to reality, there will be the possibility of changing scenery. From this, children will certainly come to delight. The creation of characters for the children's puppet home theater is a process no less interesting and creative than the improvised performance itself. In addition to Cinderella, you can make a stepmother, her daughters, a good fairy - the aunt of the main character and, of course, the prince. Female characters can actually be made according to the same schemes as for Cinderella. However, you need to come up with details that bring to the image of each character characteristic for them features. Individuals will be clothes, hairstyles, accessories. The evil features in the character will be emphasized by the expression of the person, the figure, the poses used by the ornaments. The amassed efforts will be more than offset by the pleasure and positive emotions in the game that the children will receive. Let their imagination be unlimited. This is the beauty of children's fads.