Paper Spider Web

Paper Spider Web

Spider web Before the New Year is still far away, and snowflakes cancut out today, on the eve of Halloween. But it will, of course, be a spiderweb. And it's best to cut them out of their black paper — or some bright paper, as in our case.

To make a snowflake web, you will need:

one square sheet of colored paper; scissors; pencil or pen. What you need to cut a snowflake-gossamer

Colored Paper Spider Web: Working Order

Paper folded just like a snowflakeordinary. For this you need a square sheet of paper. If you have a rectangular one, combine the narrow side of the rectangle and the wide one, we well fold the fold and cut off the excess. If you have a square - bend it diagonally. If you have one-sided colored paper, bend it with the face (colored) part inwards. In our case - origami paper, it is two-sided. Simple Snowflake-gossamer Combine sharp corners. Corners combine Once again, the last, we combine sharp corners. We fold the sheet to cut snowflakes in the form of web And now we connect the left and the right side of the triangle (as the paper strove to turn around, pressed the corner with scissors). We fold the paper for the gossamer snowflake This is the usual way to fold paper for cutting snowflakes. But we - gossamer. Therefore, we outline on it such a drawing - with a pencil or pen. Draw a pattern of snowflake-web Cut along the outlined lines (the main thing is not to cut off the excess ...). We cut the snowflake-gossamer And unfold. We got a pretty snowflake-gossamer. Halloween Snowflake Bright and not at all terrible our web. Spiderweb Snowflake And in the company to it would be nice to do. Paper Spider Web Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: