Baking of New Year's cake "Orange" and recipes - master class of baking cakes

Baking of New Year's cake "Orange" and recipes - master class of baking cakes

Delicious cake for the new year is a pledgea real holiday and a celebration in the house. All the children of the world these days expect a New Year's miracle and parents, like the real wizards, should organize a large-scale celebration. Until the grandfather frost enters the house, we are busy with various preparations, decorating the house and, of course, various delicacies at the Christmas table in the home atmosphere.

Baking of New Year's cake "Orange" and recipes - master class of baking cakes

To please loved ones,to try hard. The variety of unique dishes is impressive, and the possibilities of their cooking also do not leave us alone in the desire to create something new. For example, the opportunity to design a beautiful, festive cake - orange. It was invented on the basis of the famous "Napoleon" cake and became popular for a very long time. In the New Year's holidays, this recipe will be allocated among all others, and its taste capabilities will impress even the most sophisticated with its unique capabilities. New Year's cake "Orange" - ingredients To form a cake, we need to make cakes and of course, prepare a delicious filling that must be served on the table. Therefore, the recipe for step-by-step cooking is accompanied by ingredients, with the help of which we will form such a unique and special dish. A set of ingredients:

  • Take 150 milligrams of orange juice
  • Then, prepare one tablespoon of orange peel
  • In the same way, prepare a tablespoon of pulp from this fruit
  • After, take 450 grams of wheat flour
  • Also, take 130 grams of corn flour
  • Then, take 5 tablespoons of sugar
  • Prepare one egg
  • Also, you need to take 200 grams of butter (creamy)
  • Take also 15 grams in the form of a disintegrant

You will also need to form a cream:

  • The composition of the cream will include kiwi in an amount of four pieces
  • You will also need one orange
  • Take 4 egg yolks
  • It will take 200 milligrams of sugar
  • Take 200 milligrams of plain yogurt
  • It will take 150 milligram mascarpone
  • Also, prepare two tablespoons of flour.

To soak up the cream, use the services of raspberry syrup, and to decorate the dish we need pencils made of sugar and of course, tangerine wedges. Cooking dough Baking Christmas cake To begin with, we need to prepare productsfor the test. Then, you need to take an orange, which you then need to rinse and then, remove the zest, and squeeze out all the juices. After, take two slices of orange and after, peel off the film, then cut into small slices. Using a whisk, we beat the zest, juice and flesh from the orange, adding also the egg and sugar. After, sift the working table with flour, as well as baking powder. After, it is necessary to put butter (cream) and chop into pieces into tiny elements. After that, pour the crumb with an orange mixture, then - make kneading the dough. The dough will go out steep and therefore, we should make the kneading until it becomes smooth. Then, with the help of the film, we abstract the dough from the air and put it in the refrigerator (on the balcony) to an hour. Baking Christmas cake Preparing the cream Cream. To do this, you need to take the products to create a cream and then, take mascarpone. We need to remove yolks from eggs. After, take the orange and take the zest from it, cleanse the film and skin. After, take the kiwi and also clean, bring to a state of mashed potatoes and after, add the orange and zest, which is also brought to the state of mashed potatoes. After that, puree is mixed, using flour and sugar, we bring to a density with the help of a water bath. After, we cool and filter this composition. Using a hot cream, we add butter (cream) to it and mix the composition. We are waiting for the oil to become liquid. Then, cool the cream and after, filter, using a sieve. Baking Christmas cake Completion of the cake Next, we must add the composition of yogurt, also take mascarpone and with a halo, bring the mixture to a homogeneous composition. After that, we divide the dough into 12 rounds. Baking Christmas cake With each round we work this way: We roll to the state of a thin layer by 2 millimeters, then with the help of a plate we cut off the edges, we pierce the layer with a fork. Then, we heat the oven to 210 degrees and make baking. Corgi impregnated with berry syrup, we produce cooling. Baking Christmas cake Corgi also need to lubricate our cream,unfolding them in order of pancakes. Commemorate your dish. Two cakes we form in order to decorate a tasty hand-made article. After, lay out the load on the surface of our dish and wait about 5-6 hours, beforehand, putting our dish in the refrigerator or on the balcony. Cut the cake with a neat knife action. Lubricate the edges of the cake with a cream. Then, two crusts must be brought to the state of crumb and then sprinkled on top. We decorate with other elements at will. The cake is ready, you can eat! Baking Christmas cake