The design and sewing of a man's work hat is not a difficult task even for a beginner skilled worker

The design and sewing of a man's work hat is not a difficult task even for a beginner skilled worker

Pattern and sewing of a man's working hat under the forcealmost everyone. Regardless of the availability of experience and skills in the technique of cutting with this task, even a beginner skilled in the job will do just fine. The process of operation is fairly simple, the main thing is to correctly measure the head of the model. A little patience and a hat will be ready. In this article we will tell you how quickly it is possible to build a pattern of such a cap and sew the product yourself. Headgear plays an important role in human life for many centuries. There are different types, models and styles of a variety of hats, hats and so on. they all perform the same role - protective, as a rule, from bad weather or cold and aesthetic. Hats are worn by everyone without exception. Men's hats are slightly different from women's models. They have a more severe form, if one can say so. If earlier such products were sewn exclusively to order, then today it is absolutely not difficult to buy the necessary model of the headdress. Many manufacturers specializing in the production of this type of products offer a huge range of headgear. But if you want something exclusive, then, of course, it is better to carve and sew the product yourself. It should be noted immediately that some models are quite difficult to work with and only those cutters who possess the necessary special knowledge and skills in this area can cope with them. But, there are also less complicated styles of hats, which even a novice craftsman can easily handle. In this article, we'll talk specifically about one of these models, namely the male work cap. The pattern and tailoring of the male work cap does not take much time. It is quite simple, first of all, due to its shape and the material used for tailoring. In this case, fleece and membrane fabric are suitable. The main thing is to choose warm fabrics, since the cap is meant for the cold season. Pattern and sewing of a man's work hat. Photo №1 So, let's proceed, directly to the construction of the pattern of the male work cap. Pattern and sewing of a man's work hat. Photo # 2 The product consists of individual wedges in quantitysix pieces. All of them are attached to each other by means of a lining and a lapel, which we will sew separately. Pattern is universal. It is suitable for any size, because it stretches perfectly. The lapel is covered by the transverse thread of matter. By itself, the pattern consists of six identical wedges, which you see in the photo. In this case, we will cut out the wedges, leaving no allowances for the seams. Pattern and sewing of a man's work hat. Picture №3 In the end, we need to make a template of paper, which will then be used to cut out all the details from the prepared fabric. Pattern and sewing of a man's work hat. Photo №4 We must have the following details available:

  • for the upper side of the male cap wedges in the number of six pieces (we cut them out of membrane tissue or any other at your discretion);
  • the same number of wedges made of fabric, which we use as a lining material (in this case it is fleece);
  • lapel for the cap with a size of twenty centimeters by sixty centimeters (cut it is necessary for it along the transverse thread).

After all the details have been cut,It remains only to sew a hat and you can wear it. As you can see, this pattern of the male work cap is very light. After coping with it, you will be able to proceed to more complex variants and models that require skill and special attention. But now you will be much easier to learn the basics of cuts and apply your knowledge in practice.