Pattern and sewing a transformer for a baby at home is easy to work with

Pattern and sewing a transformer for a baby at home is easy to work with

Pattern and sewing of a blanket-transformer for the kidthe most simple task, useful and interesting. To create a product, you do not need special knowledge and skills, so every mother can easily work with the job, waiting for the child to appear. From this article you will find out which material is better to use, and how to sew a multifunctional thing. Blanket is a very important and necessary element, which is used by all people without exception. His presence is necessary for the child from the first days of his life. To date, the purchase of this child's thing is not difficult, especially since the range offered by manufacturers is very large. But, if you want your baby to have an exclusive product, it's best to carve and sew it yourself. Today we suggest you get acquainted with the pattern and sewing of a blanket-transformer. It is this product that will perform the role of just three subjects, namely: blankets, envelopes for the newborn and a rug for playing the baby, when he grows up a little. Pattern and sewing a blanket-transformer for the baby. Photo №1 For tailoring this product does not need special skills,it is enough just to be able to work with a sewing machine and have a desire to create a unique thing. As with the manufacture of any product, we need to prepare the material from which we will sew, in particular fabric, insulation, fasteners. We need to take:

  • you can take any favorite material, but betterall if it is coarse calico, cotton or flannel. It will look good and combine different types of fabrics, for example, the lower part of the flannel, and the top of silk, velvet or wool. The length of a piece of cloth should be equal to one hundred eighty centimeters, and its width is one hundred and fifty centimeters;
  • heater, in this case the ideal optionwill be sintepon, although you can use other material. The insulation thickness depends on the number of layers in the product. They can be from two to five. To calculate how much material is required, you need to multiply the sizes of the blanket by the number of layers of insulation in it;
  • one meter of lace, ribbon or oblique bake, necessary for finishing the blanket-transformer;
  • fifty centimeters of string elastic;
  • one-piece lightning length of twenty-five centimeters;
  • detachable zipper length of fifty centimeters.

When choosing a heater is worth paying attention to andon natural wool. It is ideal for this baby product. Layers of insulation, their number, depends on the season for which you are making a blanket-transformer. If this is a cold period of time, winter is autumn, then it will be expedient to use four to five layers. If, for application in the summer period, two layers of insulation are sufficient. Sew a blanket-transformer for newborns, we will according to the pattern that you see in the photo below. Pattern and sewing a blanket-transformer for the baby. Photo # 2 Pattern and sewing a blanket-transformer for the baby. Picture №3 According to this pattern, the tissue must be cuttwo pieces of rectangular shape, the size of which is ninety centimeters by eighty five centimeters. At the same time, it is necessary to add one and a half centimeter from all sides to the allowances for seams. Similarly, from the fabric, we cut out two details of a rectangular shape for the pocket. The size of these details will be forty-five centimeters by twenty-five centimeters. As with the basic details, you need to add on all sides, one and a half centimeters on the allowances. Exactly the same size and the same shape will have a part from the insulation, which we will cut out additionally. The number of parts from the heater depends on the number of layers. Fold all the details we will alternate - first the fabric, then the insulation and then again the fabric. We will stitch all the layers on the sewing machine. As a result, we learn a double-sided pocket. On its upper part we need to form a kuliska, into which we will pass the cord made at the very beginning. We need to sew the pocket on the bottom edge of the outer part of the transformer blanket from the front side. The next step is to put together all the details of the blanket itself - the fabric, all layers of the synthepon or other insulation and again the fabric. Gently we spend everything on the sewing machine. Starting from the middle, on the sides of the transformer, from below, we sew a detachable zipper. From the top of the product, from its center, we sew a short zipper, which will contribute to the formation of the cap. On both sides of the blanket-transformer, from lightning to lightning, it is necessary to sew the oblique bake, lace or ribbon. This element will serve as an original decoration of the product. Pattern and sewing a blanket-transformer for the baby. Photo №4 The blanket is completely ready. To transform it into an envelope for a newborn, you need to flip the blanket so that the pocket is at the bottom, and connect the zipper more to the middle. After this, it is necessary to unscrew the pocket, which should cover the zipper halfway. So we built a place for the baby's legs. After the baby is placed inside the envelope, the zipper is fastened completely. In order for the head of the baby to be covered, we zape a small zipper on top of the blanket, while forming a cap or hood. Pattern and sewing a blanket-transformer for the baby. Photo №5 Easy to manufacture and very useful thing is completely ready. The decor of a blanket-transformer each mummy can pick up independently.