Pattern and sewing a Snow Maiden costume, snowflakes with their own hands - a sewing lesson

Pattern and sewing a Snow Maiden costume, snowflakes with their own hands - a sewing lesson

When the snow step of the holidays is selected tocherished dates, we begin to take care of the issues of preparing all the necessary elements for the future holiday. Of course, one of the main problems of any New Year is the preparation of an appropriate costume that can be worn for a holiday. The Carnival costume for the Snow Maiden is one of the most popular and popular in the network, therefore, we are laying out for you a lesson that will help you to cope with this task. Moreover, in addition to the popular Snow Maiden character, there is also an equally popular Snowflake pattern, which you can also prepare yourself. You only need to take into account the different features of your body (matching fabrics, colors) and of course, choose the right material. Pattern and sewing a Snow Maiden costume, snowflakes with their own hands - a sewing lesson Creating a costume At the heart of the Snow Maiden costume, you can take a patternusual house gown. Also, some pick up a pattern of skirts with a perelina, as well as sarafans and dresses of different types. With the help of a transparent cape or boa, you can decorate the product and make it more interesting. Our first version of the Snow Maiden costume is to create the perfect set of clothes for a young girl, or a young girl.

  • Prepare the pastel fabric in shades of pink, blue, cream, lilac, white and light gray colors. It is desirable to have a surface of a shiny type.
  • You will need paper for the pattern
  • Take a pencil (normal)
  • You will need a ruler
  • Sewing machine and accessories for work with it

Preparation of New Year's cost Snow Maiden -methods and secrets To begin with, it is necessary to take measurements for the future preparation of a suit and then, to build patterns on a shelf, a two-seam vtachnym sleeve and back. Then, the pattern must be transferred to the underside of the fabric, which we put into two parts. Then, the details need to be cut out and added for allowances on the seams to 2 centimeters of indentation. Then, you need to sew darts, using both shelves, as well as the backrest. Creating a costume After, we make the shoulder joints andlateral seams. We use an overlock for this procedure. Then, we make the sewing for the sleeve element, we also make an overlock. After, we make the sewing of the base elements for the fur coat, we make an overlock for the seams. Also, for young girls, the coat can be a little shorter than usual. Then, it is necessary to take a fleecy fabric and cut out of it strips of not wide type, using a blade. It is necessary to cut the fabric on the side of the wrong side so that there are no breaks among the villi. Then, you need to sew the rim out of the fur, using the beads, as well as the bottom of the fur coat. Then, using the fabric, you need to cut a small cap in a round shape, which will consist of four wedges of equal type. Then, the parts must be sewn and after - sew the edge of the pile, which is fixed on the finished product. If you want, you can add a little fur coat to the coat with the help of overhead applications. Then, the product can be embroidered with rhinestones, complemented with beads, lace, sequins and beads. For those who are going to form a hairstyle, instead of a cap a kokoshnik will be used. You can also make a double-type ribbon using the same fabric that is basic to the suit. It is also decorated with decorative rows, which are on your coat. Creating a costume Also do not forget to choose a variant of tightswhite or flesh color. The suit can also be complemented with light colored boots, as well as with a clutch, sleeves that match the overall tone of the fur coat. Snowflake Costume for a Girl Also you can consider a popular Snowflake costume, which is suitable for any little princess. This is an analog version, which can be used for New Year holidays and in many respects it will resemble the traditional Snow Maiden costume, but, with its amendments. Snowflake - by right, one of the most popular, unique and incredible gifts of nature. Small ice cubes have different shapes, each snowflake is unique in its own way! Let's try to make your own costume for our girl!