Crochet wave pattern

Crochet wave pattern

Crochet Wave Wave Crochet Wave is one ofsets of patterns used in knitting. The main plus is the versatility of the crochet wave pattern. This is one of the simplest and most airy wave pattern variations. There are a huge number of options for its implementation. What is the versatility of this pattern! It can be used to tie both light summer and very beautiful blouses, tunics and dresses, as well as warm winter shawls, stoles and jackets. It all depends on the selected yarn, its composition, thickness and hook number. An equally important indicator is also.

Crochet wave - a magnet for knitters

When I tied a few rows for a lesson,it was very difficult to stop. Knitting was very simple and interesting. The hands themselves reached for beautiful hanks of yarn to start knitting not just a piece, but the whole product ... It hardly stopped, because you had to share the Wave pattern with you! ? I hasten to share a pattern, whose name will remind you of the sea waves and warmth. ? Getting started! 1. The initial loop on the hook 2. For this picture, the number of initial loops should be a multiple of 3. For example, I have 21 loops 3. First row. For lifting to the next row three air loops 4. Pass the three air loops and two loops of the main chain, a single crochet into the sixth air loop from the hook 5. Three air loops 6. We skip the two loops of the main chain and in the third we execute the column without nakida 7. Repeating paragraphs 5.6 we reach the edge of the main chain. 8. Second row. For lifting two air loops 9. 5 columns without crochet into the arch 10. A single crochet column to the top of a single crochet column of the previous row 11. The last five bars are performed in the first three air loops of the first row. 12. The third row. Air lift loop 13. Two air loops for the arch 14. A column without nakid to the top of the central column of a group of 5 completed in the arch of the previous row 15. Three air loops 16. A single crochet column to the top of the central column of a group of 5 completed in the arch of the previous row 17. Performing paragraphs 15-16 we reach the edge of the canvas, and more precisely, to the last group of 5 posts without crochet 18. Two air loops 19. Column without nakid in the arch of the two extreme air loops of the previous row 20. Fourth row. Two lifting air loops 21. Two columns with one double bow in the arch. 22. Five columns with one double crochet in the next arch of the previous row 23. Knitting five columns in each next arch we reach the edge. In the last short arch perform three columns with one double crochet 24. Fifth row. Three air loops 25. A single crochet post to the top of the central column of a group of 5 posts with one single crochet 26 Knitting alternating three air loops, a single crochet into the central loop of the group to the end of the row. The last column without crochet falls on the extreme loop, which is exactly the central column. The following rows knit repeating the second - fifth rows 27. We finish on a row of columns with one double crochet. Please note that after knitting each row with single crochets, the knitting becomes wider and loses its shape, but when the next rows are knitted, the shape aligns and the arches take on a neat appearance. It turns out that such a pattern? 28. Knitting Pattern Wave I am inspired by many of the ideas in this drawing, butYou! ? Thanks for attention! More patterns on the page: See you at the new classes! Do not forget to add a useful bookmark using the bookmarks buttons or social networks located below! Your e-mail: * Your name: * Share in social. networks Publish to LiveJournal</a> Navigation by records

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  • : Hello Tatiana! Look closely at the pattern, waves of different sizes are obtained because of the alternation - we fill one row of arches with single crochets and the second with single crochets.
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