Crochet Pattern | Crochet asterisk

Crochet Pattern | Crochet asterisk

We continue the lessons of crochet patterns. Simple and beautiful crochet patterns will please a knitter both when performing and when subsequently using the thing. Today we will learn how to tie a crochet asterisk. This pattern can be used for knitting children's blankets, stoles, pillows, blouses, shawls, covers, etc. Simple crochet patterns or complex crochet patterns for us does not matter, we will learn how to knit everything! As always, considering a pattern as a lesson for beginners is all step by step, simple and accessible. Seeing this pattern do not be afraid to try! From the side it seems difficult, but its implementation will not be difficult! So, proceed, in front of you a photo lesson crochet pattern - "Stars". 1. hooked 2. Knit. The number of loops should be divisible by 2, at the end we make one additional air loop. Keep in mind that the following words are usually found in descriptions: the number of air loops of the main chain is divided into 2 + 1 loops. This phrase is equivalent to my description. 3. First row: we thread the hook into the second air loop, and the loop on the hook is not considered 4. Grab and pull the working thread towards you, two loops on the hook 5. In exactly the same way, we pull out four more loops from the subsequent air loops. There should be 6 loops on the hook. 6. We throw a working thread and stretch it through all the loops on the hook 7. One air loop 8. We put the hook in the loop, which turned out after connecting six loops, grab the working thread and pull it towards us 9. We put a hook into the loop of the last of six loops, which we pulled in the previous asterisk 10. Grab the working thread and pull on 11. We put a hook into the air loop of the main chain from which the last loop of six that formed the previous asterisk rises 12. Grab and pull on a working thread 13. Embed the hook into each of the following two free air loops of the main chain of the air loops and pull out one loop. There are six loops on the hook again. 14. Grab the working thread and stretch it through all the loops on the hook 15. Air loop 16. We knit by repeating paragraphs 8-15 until the last free air loop 17. In the last loop knit 18. The finished series will look like this. 19. Second row. Two 20. Turn knitting in hand counterclockwise 21. Make a nakid and weave a hook into the loop formed by connecting the six last loops of the last asterisk of the previous row 22. We pull the thread towards ourselves and make the resulting loops in the height of the same size as the two lifting air loops, but do not overdo it, do not pull 23. Grab the working thread and pull it through three loops on the hook, so we knit 24. We make a nakid, we introduce a hook into the same loop, grab it and pull the working thread over. 25. We finish the semi-column with a crochet by stretching the working thread through the loops on the hook 26. Knit two semi-columns with a double crochet into each loop of the previous row formed by the connection six loops of each asterisk. 27. For provyazyvaniya last polabolikika with nakidom do nakid 28. We put the hook in the first loop of the main chain of the air loops, now it is on top of the first asterisk 29. Pulling the working thread, on the hook three loops 30. Grab and pull the working thread through three loops on the hook 31. Third row: three lift air loops 32. Pull the loop, hopping the hook, first into the second loop from the hook, and then into the third 33. We put the hook into the same loop from which the lifting loops are lifted and pull out the working thread 34. Pulling on the loop of the following two loops, for a total of 6 loops on the hook 35. Grab the working thread and stretch through all the loops on the hook 36. Air loop. We continue to knit in the same way as the previous stars. 37. A crocheted sprocket pattern is an alternation of two rows. The straight (front) rows are knitted by the asterisks themselves, and the reverse ones (the wrong ones) are knitted by double semi-columns with a crochet 38. More closely crocheted asterisk 39. Crochet pattern knitting lesson came to an end. Here we have such a very interesting and beautiful pattern. You are great! Real crochet masters !!! See what a wonderful canvas in your hands! ? In the near future we will consider the application of this pattern in practice! Be always up to date! Be the first to learn about new lessons! Subscription: “Crochet patterns and motifs” Your e-mail address: * Your name: * Share in the social. networks Publish to LiveJournal</a> Navigation by records

Crochet pattern. Crochet asterisk pattern: 34 comments

  • lyudmila: very beautiful pattern thanks for u
  • : You are welcome! ?
  • Cntkkf: Hello Elena! Many thanks for the pattern — I liked it so much. I knit my niece a white blouse under the uniform, but what a bad luck, I always have an asterisk ........ how can I send the photo and in what format! And do I do the right thing: 1. When I knit two semi-columns into the eyelet (the core of the asterisk) of the last asterisk — the same two, or one in the middle, and the other sideways! Thank you
  • : Photos can be sent to my mailbox: Jpg format If I understood correctly, then the question is in the end of one and the beginning of the next row between the asterisks. In the last asterisk we make 2 semi-columns to the top and then another semi-column to the edge.
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  • Tiana_B: MK is wonderful, and the pattern is really not complicated at all. Thank you, you will definitely have to think of an application.
  • : Come visit after a while, at the moment I am doing MK using this pattern! ?
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  • Katrunasia: Hello! Please tell me how to knit a handbag from the Inside Crochet Issue magazine for March 2011, it is clear that the handbag is tied with a star pattern, and nothing else is clear.
  • : Good day! I will try to help if you send me a magazine or a part with this description by mail.
  • Katrunasia: Hello! How to send!
  • Katrunasia: I mean, at what address, the site does not seem to be listed ...
  • : I wrote to you in the mail. You can just answer! ? Or here on this page my box is written below.
  • Katrunasia: I sent, thanks in advance for the help)))
  • : Yes, I saw, now I'll see! ?
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  • Julia: super! thanks a lot for u! please tell me, and knitting always turn counterclockwise when they start the next row!
  • : Julia, please! When knitting in rows back and forth, turn counter-clockwise so that the lifting air loops do not twist! But there are options when the picture still needs to be turned in the other direction!
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  • Stasia7a: and not just the usual pattern of this pattern!
  • : I did not draw. And according to the scheme there it will be quite difficult to understand, because a new element will be introduced and a description will simply be given to it.
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  • Mashunya111: Hello, Elena. I really liked this pattern! You describe it easily and in detail, but I have a problem. After the first pattern of stars was assembled, I began to recruit 6 v. Again. on the hook. Whatever I do, my knitting immediately begins to shrink, to be tied up, as if the eyelets for the new set became smaller, the first time was 16 stars, and when I typed the second time - 12 total. I tied up a hundred times, no less, reread the instructions and again tied up and again the same problem, but I still did not understand where my mistake was, because the first row of stars turned out to be perfect.
  • : Hello! And you have the opportunity to send me a photo of how it works! Without an example of your work, it will not be clear to me what exactly you are doing and where the error occurs!
  • Mashunya111: Yes, of course! Help me please!
  • Biatriss: Hello! I have the same problem. What am I doing wrong, please explain
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  • Notification:
  • Kiushkova: hello, Elena. you can show the pattern by the scheme
  • Manegk0: I can’t get the end of the first row ... help please, I don’t understand ...
  • : Good day! If possible, send me a photo of the one where you left off and what does not work write more specifically!
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  • Olga: Thank you very much for the lesson, everything turned out right away, I am so glad !!!!!!!!
  • : Hello Olga! ? Indeed, if you carefully read and immediately perform it is very simple! ?
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  • Kretz: Chic pattern !!!!!
  • Guest: Hello, I really liked the pattern, as well as its clear description with a photo. I have a question - is it possible to knit it in a circle! Several times tried it does not come out ((
  • : Hello! Yes, in a circle such a pattern can be knit! After completing the chain, we close it, rise with the help of two air loops and begin to knit the pattern. After tying up the series, we close it. And so on!
  • Guest: Uraaaa, thank you. Everything turns out! I’ve knitted crochet for a long time, but such a pattern hasn’t come across yet :) thank you?
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  • Notification:
  • Irina: Dear Elena! Explain how the pattern fits in a circle: whether you need to knit the last double crochet column or the rays of the last asterisk from the first 3 loops! Do I need to turn knitting on the 2nd row of double semi-columns! Thanks in advance for the answer.
  • Anastasia: Thanks for the simple and beautiful pattern! Tell me, please, how to add and add loops in it!
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