Crochet zigzag pattern

Crochet zigzag pattern

Crochet pattern zigzag multicolor crochet patternzigzag multicolor as a variation of the usual zigzag pattern. At the last lesson we studied a crochet zigzag pattern. Many people liked this pattern and not for nothing, because it is really good. And today we consider the multicolor version of the knitting of this pattern.

Multicolor crochet zigzag pattern

Such a pattern can be knit both in two and inmore colors. The main rule is to combine matching color schemes! ? As I have already said, the zigzag pattern is suitable for knitting warm winter clothes, which is especially important at the moment. Getting to the lesson. 1. When tying the last column in one color, we do not complete it, but leave two loops on the hook 2. On the thread used to change the color perform the initial loop. Dress the resulting loop on the hook 3. Pull the extreme loop through the other two loops on the hook, thus ending the column 4. Recruit a chain of 6 air loops five. Now comes exactly the same repetition of the series as in. Moving back the previous row, we knit the column without single crochet in the gap between the groups of columns with one nakida of the row located below the previous one and repeat this way to the extreme arch. And do not forget to make an extreme arch from 6 air loops 6. Go to the next row - three air loops 7. We repeat paragraphs 22-27 of the lesson, but we do not fully knit the last column with one nakida. We leave the column unmatched for the next color change. 8. If you continue to knit with the color that was originally used, i.e. the canvas will be of two colors, for this you need to make a lift of two air loops 9. Pull the working loop through the other two loops on the hook 10. Continue to knit two rows again in the first color. 11. Several rows of alternations of two colors will look like this. 12. Pattern of knitting Zigzag pattern in two colors 13. In the same way, three colors can be alternated. The main principle is knitting in two rows. Thanks for attention! More patterns on the page: See you at the new classes! Do not forget to add a useful bookmark using the bookmarks buttons or social networks located below!