Pattern of short dress 2014. Detailed instructions and photos

Pattern of short dress 2014. Detailed instructions and photos

A short dress should be light and elegant. It is difficult to find the ideal thing, so more often needlewomen sew themselves dresses themselves. If everything is done correctly, then the sewn dress can still act as a tunic, which can be dressed for classic trousers with a belt and with shoes on high heels. Follow the instructions and you will succeed. Even beginners can sew such a dress! The presented pattern is suitable for a girl whose height is 164-170 centimeters, as well as the size of clothes 46, 48, 50. However, the pattern can be improved and under any other size. What materials will be required for sewing a dress?

  • About 100 centimeters of knitted fabric in length with a width of 150 centimeters.
  • Scissors, a set of needles.
  • Threads.
  • Pattern.

If the measurements are correct, then you will get a skirtlength 34 centimeters, but on the original photograph the skirt is longer - 45-50 centimeters. Therefore, if you want the dress to get longer, then the canvas take 15-20 centimeters longer. After the preparatory part, we proceed to direct sewing. Place the fabric face up inside. Pins with your pins on the bend, the edge. From the edge of the edge, it is necessary to retreat 1-2 centimeters, and draw a line of cutting the edges along the entire line. Then from the cut back 1.5-2 centimeters, draw a line that will be the middle of the back. From the upper cut we recede a half centimeter and draw a horizontal strip. On this line from point A to the left side we measure 11 and 34 centimeters, and then we put the point B. From A to the bottom, we measure 56 centimeters in the fold and draw the point B. From the formed point B to the left, draw a horizontal line of 24 centimeters long and put the point E, and continue to draw the horizontal. After 36 centimeters we put the point G. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo №1 From point B to the lower part we draw a line with a long33 centimeters. This turns out point D. After drawing a straight left to 10 centimeters. From D draw a straight line to the top, right up to the intersection with D. Make the mate. From Г to the upper area measure out 2 centimeters and connect the smooth line to the point E. Now you need to build a throat-boat, and then the upper part of the shelf will be ready. From A to the bottom zone measure out 4 centimeters and connect the smooth line to the point 11 centimeters. Before you begin to build a further scheme, you should draw allowances for seams. On the knitted fabric will be enough 1 centimeter. Draw the allowances along the shoulder seam, throat, armhole, side seam and bottom. Now build a skirt. From Г to the lower area, set aside 2 centimeters and draw a horizontal line, which is ¼ of the measure on the hips. Take from the resulting value of 2-4 centimeters. From this point, draw a vertical line in the bottom area. By folding to the bottom of the conditional point B, which was obtained as a result of indentations down by 2 centimeters, put a value of ¼ of your waist measurement and minus 2-4 centimeters to the left. We designate the point 19. Point 19 must be connected with a smooth dash with a lateral seam. During fitting, the side seam will be adjusted. Draw the allowance for the seams of 1 centimeter along the waist line and the side seam. Make an allowance for the seam at the bottom of 3-4 centimeters. A shelf and a skirt are cut out. The shelf is attached to the upper cut, knit and shallow. Do not be bored to cut. To begin with, draw the neck of the backrest with all the correspondences with the diagram. Attach a skirt, pin it and begin to cut out the details of the back and skirts. Now you can start assembling the product. Where there is a seam on the back, you can leave a small incision and make an air loop. Stitch the seam of the backrest. Back up the neck and shelves. Shoulder joints. The length of the seam will be about 5-7 centimeters. Connect the side seams, the bottom of the sleeve and from B back off 4-5 centimeters. Process the bottom and cut the sleeves. Lateral seams connect on a skirt. Stitch the middle seam of the product, and if there is a desire, then you can make a cut for easy walking. Make the assembly on the bodice of the bodice as well as on the back. Connect with the skirt and process the bottom. The pattern is quite simple and easy, and it takes 20 minutes to build it. Such a spectacular dress will conquer any man's heart. A short straight dress is easy to sew even a seamstress. It will take only an accurate pattern and a few examples, so that the dress sat exactly on the figure. Such a new thing will make any girl feel confident and royal. To begin with, you need to calculate the amount of fabric that will be needed to tailor the dress. If the width of the canvas is 110-150 centimeters, then get only one length. How to measure it? The beginning of the centimeter tape is applied to the upper point of the shoulder, and through the chest, lower it down to the desired length. Remember the resulting value and add to it 3.5 centimeters. Here is the amount of fabric you will need. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo # 2 The dress will be straight, but free cut. It is not fitted, so you can not sew a zipper, but you need to make a dart. They can be lateral or go to the chest from the shoulder. There will not be any fasteners, so it's better to make the neck large enough so that you can gently remove the dress. The cutout can be made round, square or diamond-shaped. We begin to cut out the dress. The dress pattern consists of two halves: the back and the back. If you want to create a model with a sleeve, then such details will be needed. To save the canvas, fold the fabric in half. The width of the smaller canvas is equal to the width of the largest space in the shelf part. Add 1 cm to the allowances on the seams. The middle vertical line of the pattern of the shelf should be aligned with the folding point of the fabric and grind with pins. It is better for novice seamstresses to outline the pattern with shallow or soap on fabric. Professional seamstresses can immediately cut a shelf, leave 1 centimeter for allowances for seams and 2.5 centimeters for tissue folding. Darts also do not forget to transfer. The backrest should be aligned with the folding point, if it is cut-off, then do not forget to leave 1 centimeter on the allowances. The detail of the sleeve is applied to the half-folded cloth. Remove the right and left parts. photoinstruction for the pattern. Picture №3 How to properly sew a dress. Stitch two partsbackrests in the middle. Fold the details of the back and the shelves with the inside sides. Lateral stitches sew and process them. Close the shoulder seams. Sew the sleeves, lower the bottom and detach it. Sleeves stitch into the armhole. If the dress does not have them, then simply obtacha armhole. With its help, the cutout of the neckline is machined by an oblique bake, which can be cut from the fabric diagonally. Attach a neckline, an armhole to the fabric, draw the presented details and cut out the wrapping 2 cm wide. Her and the main part fold inward sides and make a seam in 0,5-0,7 centimeters. Ottjuzhte the seam. Beku turn out on the front side, attach to the wrong side of the cloth and mend. At the end, sew a ready-made dress, process the seams. The dress is ready, now you can safely wear a new thing. To make a beautiful and inexpensive dress is easy, you just need to give this lesson enough time and have enough patience for tailoring.