Patterns for embroidery with beads on clothes and ornaments (photo)

Patterns for embroidery with beads on clothes and ornaments (photo)


Casual, ordinary costumes or simple dressesCan become real "highlights" of your wardrobe, if you can skilfully cut them with beads. Today you can find different patterns for embroidery with beads, which will be easy to perform, but at the same time decorate any thing, and created by their own hands unique original ornaments with a beaded pattern will long please and delight you and others with their beauty.
Having studied and studied the lessons on
, You can safely embark on creativity in your wardrobe. Giving him personality and sophistication.

Materials for embroidery with beads

Here is a short list of materials that will help you, if you decide to do it

  • Directly the beads themselves. Its shape, color and size should be chosen by yourself;
  • Canvas, pattern, blank or ready-to-use non-woven fabric with a certain pattern;
  • Needles for embroidery with beads;
  • Threads for embroidery with beads. It is best to choose silk or synthetic threads;
  • Scissors;
  • Embroidery frame.
  • Popular types of embroidery from beads

    The easiest type of embroidery is the countableEmbroidery on canvas. It is ideal for beginners, since on such a canvas the pattern is already printed, and it is only necessary to properly sew the matching beads.
    Another kind is counting straight embroidery. In order to start embroidering this way, you need to pull the fabric on the embroidery frame and draw a straight vertical line in the center of your canvas. Then you can start embroidering patterns left and right of this line.
    Perhaps the most beautiful is the artisticembroidery. With its help, you can create all kinds of curved lines, arcs and various contours. Thanks to this type of embroidery, you can recreate beautiful flowers on silk, move the pattern from children's coloring to your kids' shirts, or embroider an unusual pattern on clothes.

    How to embroider on a fleece

    Flizelin is very convenient, since it already has a ready-made pattern, and it is easily washed off with water. Such a water-soluble material is used for embroidery on tablecloths or on clothes.
    How to use this water-soluble miracle material:

    • First you need to gently sew the interlining on the fabric of a future shirt, handkerchief, tablecloth or dress;
    • Then you must embroider this water-soluble fragment with beads;
    • After rinsing the resulting product in cold water, you will see that the wool is completely dissolved.

    Patterns for beginners

    The most simple patterns for beginners:
    Shoulder pattern The contours in this pattern are made with the help of a "forward needle" seam, and the space inside the flowers and petals is filled with a "needle" seam.
    The drawing is very simple, so you can easily transfer his clothes. You will only need to choose the right colors and shape of beads.

    Scheme of the shoulder pattern for embroidery with beads
    Shoulder Embroidery Pattern "Star Spiral"
    Beaded pattern "Star Spiral" This pattern is ideal for elegant dress or a lush skirt. It's also pretty simple to perform.
    In this pattern, larger beads are located closer to the center, they can be sewn with a seam "forward needle". The center of this composition is embroidered with stitches called "stamen".
    Here, also embroidered glass beads are used. With its help all the curved lines are embroidered. In addition, near the main drawing with thread, you can sew a few small "blotches", which will consist of different in size beads. This will visually increase your pattern and make it more attractive.
    In addition, you can decorate the resulting composition with rhinestones or sequins. Thanks to this, your embroidery will look more rich.
    Beaded pattern "Sultan" Another pattern, it carries a rather unusual name "Sultan".
    You can easily embroider such an amazingDrawing even on silk. In this composition it is very important to choose the right bead size and colors. The ideal option would be if for the flower you select several shades of the same color.
    "Sultan" begins to embroider from the outer tips, which are usually selected light beads. Closer to the center, you need to sew beads of a darker color.
    The leaves are embroidered on the same principle. For this picture, the seam "forward needle" is ideal.
    Festoon with a pattern
    Feston with a pattern This floral pattern can beTo arrange on an evening dress, a smart jacket or even to decorate with it a bodice of a wedding dress. Amazingly it will look golden shiny beads on dark green silk or silvery beads and sequins on a white evening dress.
    This flower arrangement will look goodAnd on children's clothes. For example, beads of different colors, you can embroider a black jacket for a girl or decorate with a golden beaded everyday brown sarafan.
    Curls in this pattern are made with a seam"Forward the needle." For them, it is best to choose a second-sized bugle with round holes, as well as a sequins of about 5 mm. In order to make such an embroidery with beads, you will also need a 1st-size glass beaker with square holes. They will have to expand the stems, using the "oblique stitch".
    Single stalk should be expanded with a larger10 size beads with round holes. The same beads, but with the addition of sparkles-cups, you can embroider rosettes. Small side branches are best embroidered with three-millimetric pearls and six-millimeter glitter-cups.
    This pattern is so simple that for its execution you do not even need an interlining. You will be able to carry it on your own, and an amazing drawing will appear on your clothes.
    Leaf and Rose
    Beaded pattern "Leaf and Rose" Such a composition is ideal for embroidery, because it is on them are often found floral motifs. It can be placed on the sleeves of the workpiece or around the neck.
    The main lines of the drawing in this wonderful rose can beTo embroider with round black beads, and to make the middle of petals and leaves from flat golden glitters of spangles-cups. This visually makes the composition more voluminous and gives it an extra charm.
    Of course, for embroideries it is better to choose beads of a different color. For example, for the rose itself, you can choose several shades of red, and for its petals, different shades of green are perfectly suited.
    Any workpiece immediately transformed, if its neck or sleeves decorate with bright embroidery of beads. In addition, on a white workpiece, you can make embroidery with beads of almost any color.
    What patterns are decorated with embroidery ThereA lot of different patterns for embroideries. Usually on female models beaded various flower compositions. And on men's embroideries, as a rule, more "strict" patterns are depicted: rhombuses, zigzags, crosses, squares and triangles of different sizes.

    You can immediately buy a fleece with a ready-made pattern andAttaching it in the right places to proceed directly to the embroidery. This is very convenient, since such a water-soluble material is then easily eliminated under jets of cold water. The main thing do not forget that you sewed non-woven linen with usual threads, which after finishing the work must be removed.
    But if you are patient and showA little imagination, you can easily make a drawing for your workpiece yourself. The main thing to remember is that the figure for a woman's shirt differs from the figure for a male workpiece.
    In order to expand the collar of a woman's shirtIt is better to choose a bright floral pattern, for example you can embroider several roses with leaves. Selecting such a pattern for your workpiece, you can expand its neck with red roses with green petals. And then make the same bold and beautiful embroidery along the whole sleeve of his shirt.

    Complex patterns of beads

    In order to decorate the usual everydayDresses or make more original and exclusive your evening outfits you can use different patterns for embroidery with beads. Here are examples of some of them:
    Sprig with leaves and beads
    This picture is quite large and in order to perform such laborious embroidery with beads you will need beads of different sizes and shapes. You will also need a glass bead and beads.
    This pattern will look great on silk. The presence of large and small beads gives this unique pattern an extra volume.
    Bead embroidery is first and foremost good in thatFor them you can choose different color solutions. Of course, when choosing the color of beads, you should mainly take into account the color and style of your chosen workpiece.
    For example, you can draw this drawing inBlack and gold color. Or experiment a little and make embroidery beads bright and boldly selecting, saturated with green and red hues for beads and beads.
    This beautiful butterfly can be chosen asOrnaments for children's clothing, various cloth bags, women's t-shirts or jeans. The options are innumerable and everything depends solely on your imagination.
    For this original beadwork you will need beads and round beads. Beads can be shiny, colorful or even have a double color.
    For example, you can perform this embroidery with dark and light purple beads. Beads in this case can be black.
    Or if you embroider such an ornamentButterfly, for example on a children's T-shirt, then its trunk and beads on the tips of the mustache can be made from black beads, and the fringing of the wings made of red or yellow beads with impregnations of green, orange or purple beads and beads.
    This gorgeous, delicate floral ornamentPerfect for women's embroideries, shawls, tablecloths, towels and dresses. This pattern, consisting of individual parts, can easily be extended in any direction and this gives us many additional opportunities. For example, such embroidery with beads can be put on the hem of a wide skirt or extend the surface of the tablecloth.
    Similar embroidery beads on blue silkIt will look great if you make the bells themselves bright blue. This will draw additional attention to your clothes and make your image special and unusual.
    Partial embroidery pattern "Bells" will beIt is also appropriate to look at a cloth handbag or a children's backpack. But the sleeves of the shirt are best to be embroidered along the entire length, as this will make them more elegant.
    When embroidering "Bells" you need to applyThe following types of sewing: the seam "for the needle," "in the attachment," and "arch seam." It is worth noting that the "arched seam" is simply indispensable when embroidering beaded and curled lines with beads.

    Popular patterns for jewelry made of beads

    With beads you can yourselfTo create various ornaments: earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, diadems and hoops. In addition, you can create three-dimensional flowers from beads, which due to your inexhaustible fantasy easily turn into unusual brooches.
    The only thing you should consider when creatingFine ornaments from beads is that they, as a rule, do not have a very large size, and you will have to choose for them small patterns or ornaments. It is also worth noting that the skilled craftsmen, who are accustomed to constantly use water-soluble material for their work, that is, the non-woven fabric will have to learn how to do without it.
    Consider some patterns for creating a gorgeous decoration:

    • We can use beadwork for thatTo sew to the neck of a dress suitable for the color of the necklace. And you can do this in several ways: you can attach a water-soluble material to the desired place and embroider it, you can also sew a finished necklace or you can create a pattern for your decoration and embroider it yourself. The pattern of the sewn necklace can be as follows: several rows of beads of the same color, then as many as the other, and the center can be decorated with large beads or even use as a decoration a three-dimensional flower. Embroidery with beads necklace takes some time, but, of course, the result is worth all the effort spent;
    • It will be very beautiful to look like an ordinary bracelet fromBeads in 2-3 rows, if attached to it, the suspension in the form of flowers made from beads. For example, the bracelet itself can be two or three colors, and the flowers can be colored. And you can hang different flowers on the bracelet: roses, bells, violets or lilies;
    • Very stylish and unusual are obtained necklaces,The basis of which is simply different bundles of beads - square, knitted or American. Subsequently, different lengths are attached to this base with low beads.

    But the most interesting thing in this work is whatThere must be beads. Some more like ornaments, in which the beads at the base are large, and to the bottom are gradually becoming less and less, and someone more like the opposite way.

    Unusual patterns for dresses

    Fashion for a different in length and style of dress again returns to us. Of course, every woman wants to be special and unique and embroidery with beads helps her to achieve her goal.
    There are many simple and light patterns that allow to decorate not only everyday, but also evening dresses. Here are some of them:

    • Almost any material, including silk, will look amazing beads and beads of different sizes. This is perhaps the easiest version of the embroidery to decorate the dress;
    • Also you can use a special pencilDesign a simple pattern on the fabric consisting, for example, of patterns or strips and then make embroidery with beads along these lines. The main thing is that you do not tighten the beads too tightly, sewing them, one by one;
    • Still you can pre-embroider any pattern on canvas or dense fabric with beads, and then just sew it to the dress with the help of
      . To ensure that the edges of the fabric are not visible, they can be hidden under a string or braid;
    • On the silk will look amazing beadedThread. In order to make them you need to string the beads on long strong threads, and then lay out on the dress a pattern to sew it. Such a beaded embroidery will allow you to decorate clothes with hanging decorative elements.

    Real women know that with the help of beadedEmbroidery can not only make the ordinary thing a real exclusivity, but also give a second life to many of the old already out of fashion costumes and dresses. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and fantasize!

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