Patterns for knitting scarves with knitting needles with description and video tutorial

Patterns for knitting scarves with knitting needles with description and video tutorial


Often the scarf becomes the first product thatCreates almost every beginner at the beginning of his "career". This is primarily due to the fact that on the Internet, it is easy to find patterns for scarves of varying degrees of complexity. On sites related to needlework there are simple schemes for beginners and more complex patterns for scarves that suit more needlewomen with experience.
Today we want to introduce you to simplePatterns for beginners, and also to tell about how it is possible to connect a pattern, called a Swedish rubber band. We hope that with the help of our descriptions you will be able to master the technique of knitting scarves and please yourself and your loved ones with warm beautiful new clothes.

Knitting technology for beginners

With the onset of cold weather, one wants not only to dressWarmer, but also to diversify your everyday image with bright colors. You can do it with a nice knitted scarf. This accessory will not only warm in bad weather, but will also be the main decoration in the autumn-winter period. Today we offer your attention a detailed description of the technique of knitting a scarf
. For work you will need:

  • Long spokes number 3,5;
  • Cashmere yarn - 200 g.

In the description of knitting techniques the following abbreviations will be used:

  • Loops - n;
  • Edge - chrome;
  • Facial - of persons;
  • Purl;
  • number - p .;
  • nakida - n.

We begin knitting:

  • Thread on the spokes exactly 30 loops: 2 edges and 28 ordinary;
  • Tie one p. Ordinary rubber. That is, alternating faces. And out. P.;
  • Then remove the 1 edge., Face n. Bind the faces. Etc., perform a new operation, Etc. - do not tie up;
  • On such a simple scheme alternate knitting until the knitted article is the size you need;
  • In the end, close all;
  • If desired, in addition the ends of the scarf can be decorated with fluffy brushes.

English gum is considered one of the mostSimple and most common patterns. It is ideal for beginners. Having mastered the technique of knitting this pattern, you can literally in one evening associate the same bright and beautiful scarf as in the photo. But do not dwell on this, because there are other patterns for scarves.
Video: English rubber band for scarfs

Tips for knitting children's scarves

Perhaps, it's no secret that many girlsFor the first time they take their knitting needles during maternity leave. And this is not at all surprising, because every mom wants to please her baby and at the same time replenish his wardrobe with unusual stylish things.

Especially for beginner needlewomen we will holdA small training master class with a detailed description, which will tell you how to tie a two-color scarf with a conventional 1X1 rubber. In the description of the work, the same abbreviations will be used as in the previous master class. To link a simple children's scarf you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Needles with a size of 1.5 mm;
  • Hook with the same size;
  • Light blue and beige yarn.

The knitting pattern of a children's two-color scarf, likePatterns for the scarf, will be next. Type spokes exactly 50 p. Use ordinary rubber band 1X1 18 p. During knitting, grab all the faces. For the back thread. As a result, you should get such a neat canvas

After the beige elastic band, the length of whichIs 18 p. Will be tied, you need to cut off the thread and add a blue color. The blue rubber is knitted another 6 r. Then another 8 r. Beige color. Again go back to blue and make 2 ryadochka. Eight beige. Perform one light blue row and repeat the whole pattern of knitting.

Then cut off the light blue thread and knitElastic beige color until the size of the scarf is 65 cm. Re-type the blue thread into the knitting. Next, the knitting pattern will be absolutely identical to the first side of the scarf. At the end of knitting, you must securely fasten and carefully cut the threads.

This description of the very technique of knitting a children's scarf can be considered finished. Now you need to tie a scarf crochet.

Baby scarf is ready! In addition, this simple beautiful model can be decorated with fluffy tassels.

Video: Scarf - snood for children

We knit a scarf with a Swedish rubber band

As you have already seen, there are a lot of different patterns for scarves. However, the most popular and popular are the patterns for a scarf in the form of elastic bands!
If in the previous work we talked about the usualElastic, now we want to tell you about how to tie a scarf with a Swedish rubber band. This pattern for the scarf on the strength of even novice craftsmen, because due to an odd number of loops, the pattern shifts by itself.
To tie a scarf with a Swedish rubber band, weWe recommend that you first create a small sample, and then start knitting the product itself. Type 21 spokes with spokes. Remove the edgeband, bind 2 faces., 2 ap. Continue knitting in such a pattern until the end of the river, and then make the last chrome. Etc. purulent.

In the future, all the last eyebelt bindsPurl, because thanks to this the products will have more even, beautiful edges. Other ryadochki are knitted according to the same scheme. In this case, already from the second row, it is seen that the pattern for the scarf is shifted by 1 loop.
To tie a scarf with a rubber bandYou must first determine the width of the product. After that it is necessary to type the required number of loops, while not forgetting that it should be odd. The scarf is made according to the same pattern as the sample we made. When the length of the accessory is sufficient, you need to close the eyelets and trim the thread.

To learn how to knit a Swedish rubber band, you can also view a small video, which details the entire process of creating a small sample of this pattern.
In conclusion, I would like to separately note thatThe fact that all simple models of knitted scarves, as a rule, are created with the help of elastic bands. This is due to the fact that this pattern looks beautiful not only from the front, but also from the wrong side, so it is the best suited for scarves.
Experienced needlewomen can show imagination andExperiment with different patterns and color combinations. But for beginners we advise at first to knit scarves with a simple, double, English or Swedish rubber band. These patterns are quite simple and at the same time not less beautiful. Having mastered them, each beginning needlewoman will be able to please herself and her family with warm beautiful accessories!
Video: Lesson of knitting Swedish gum

Schemes of patterns for knitting scarves