Pearl spoke pattern: a description of the scheme and the video lessons knitting

Pearl spoke pattern: a description of the scheme and the video lessons knitting


The number of patterns is difficult even for knittingimagine. This allows the craftswomen of any skill level to choose for themselves the best picture of complexity and get excellent results. After all, even an ordinary stocking and garter stitch, if they beat the spokes with a diameter or color, look very impressive. A godsend for fans of not complicated relief drawings is a pearl pattern spokes.
The name justifies the beauty of knitted anddeal with it under force even novice knitters. The most basic condition - learn how to handle needles and purl provyazyvat and facial quite smoothly. In this case, success is assured. Figure resembles small pebbles or cereals, so it is sometimes called "rice."

The necessary tools to carry out the schemethe pattern will be the spokes or the hook. It depends on the preferences. Some are more inclined to knitting, and some - hook. This pattern is universal. It can be performed in any embodiment. Among other advantages of this figure:

  • Simple and clear diagram and description;
  • harmonious pleasant view;
  • a great choice for knitting children's clothes;
  • It holds its shape well products;
  • It looks the same from both sides of the web;
  • It requires much experience to run.

Pearl spoke pattern suitable for any yarncolor and thickness. In any case, it will look stylish. Knit it in two spokes - straight or circular (on the line, flagellum). It is not necessary to carry out the entire model one pattern. "Pearls" in harmony with the other various types of binding. Needlewoman draw up articles collars, patch details, accents of pearl pattern. There are varieties of this figure, which schemes are also frequently used masters. This is a known bubble gum, a double or a large pearl pattern. Now consider the embodiments of the knitted pearl.

Knit two spokes

To begin prepare the yarn and choose the diameterspokes. Baby things are better done from soft yarn with anti-allergy effect. Adults - on-demand model. Color is selected depending on its purpose. If you've never had to knit this pattern, it is better to start with a sample. This will enable to calculate the number of loops and see how the pattern is combined with the selected thread.
See the beauty of the figure obtained by 4 rows - this rapport pattern in height. A wide rapport is only 2 loops, one of which is Wrong, and the second - face.
Description contains both even rows and odd. The main condition - to closely monitor the location of the loops. Pearl pattern perform sliding the loops in each row. In the first knit: 1 persons, 1 PHI, for gum.. Turn the knitting, you need to knit on the front underside of each loop over every wrong - the front. It continued throughout the knitting. Video for beginners.

Video: Pearl knit
Job Requirement remain conventional. The first edge is removed. Some recommend provyazyvat first edge loop, then this method is more suitable if one of the options pearl pattern. The first two rows of the front knit stitch. In the third bi-facial hinge provyazyvayut two pairs together. Next, purl added a reduced number of loops of broaches vyvyazyvaya them. Video of this method of knitting pearl pattern.

Video: Lesson for Beginners

If you have a scheme only with front rows andpurl tally on the image, and change the loop occurs only in the 3rd, it is a major or double pearl pattern. This pattern has its own charm, "pebbles" look larger. The first two rows of knitting rubber band 1x1, the third row, change the location of the loop over each other. The next two rows - 1x1 gum again, but in a new location. Every two rows swap the loop. Video you can see here.

Video: Double pearl pattern

Elastic pearl viscous

Pearl pattern used in knitting gum. This method looks smart, beautiful and space. The second name - polupatentnaya. Another plus - does not stretch, retains its shape. To maintain the aesthetic appearance of the product, a set of loops made with reinforced edge. Who is not familiar with this technique, it is necessary to watch the video. Bubble gum is easy to fit in the scheme. If the description is more convenient for you, it is not a lot of places do not take. A video will help fulfill this option more efficiently. Good luck in mastering this new pattern, a bubble gum!
Video: Bubble Gum