Feather in the interior as an element of decor

Feather in the interior as an element of decor

The pen is a beautiful and perfect creation of nature. Each pen is unique and unique in its structure, shape and color, it can be soft and gentle, sharp and ravenous, luxurious and magnificent, bright and cheerful. Select for the interior of a suitable feather bird or its image will not be easy because of the huge variety of realistic or fantasy feathers. We offer to see how you can use the pen in the interior as a decorative element. Feathers in the interior, like in clothes or accessories, remind of nature. Since ancient times bird feathers have been considered a status adornment of respected people, and not only of Indians. Feathers decorated the habitation, clothing and weapons of many peoples, and during the French Renaissance feathers were widely used as an ornament for the hairstyles of ladies and hats of cavaliers. Today fashion for a variety of accessories and products with feathers is back, which was reflected in the interior design. Bird feathers are widely used to create Indian, Afro or safari interior styles, but they are also used as separate decor elements in modern styles such as art deco, modern, art nouveau, loft, etc.

Pictures and posters with feathers

Perhaps the most common optionthe use of feathers in the interior is their image in pictures, posters and photographs. The choice of an artistic image is entirely up to you: you can purchase a graphic poster, draw a pen with watercolor, charcoal, ink, print a beautiful photo. Do not forget the frames and the passepartout. feathers in the interior Separately worth noting big vinyl stickerssilhouette of a pen, wallpaper with a stylized image or realistic wallpaper. The wallpaper can be very bright, chic, gentle or restrained - in any case, the feathers will attract attention and hold their gaze.

Prints with feathers on textiles

A variety of prints on bed linens, cushions, curtains, tablecloths, furniture covers, etc. allow easy and unobtrusive use of this decorative element in the interior.

Feather in the interior

The bird feathers can be used in many ways. First, place them in vases and other stands. Secondly, hang on the walls in the frame under the glass, in the form of a fan or on a thin line. Feathers can decorate the lampshade lampshade, cover the sofa cushion, weave it into the carpet on the floor, etc. On the materials http://demarka.pro