Pendant from beads: original suspension by own hands (photo)

Pendant from beads: original suspension by own hands (photo)


From beads, you can create many beautiful andVersatile ornaments. You can weave not only a single accessory, but also a whole set of those ornaments that you wear. It can be exactly the style and color that you like.
Today we will talk about the charming element of different sets of jewelry - this is a pendant.
Look very elegant and stylish, inexperiencedIt is not always possible to determine that the product is made by hand. It is in no way inferior to the exclusive fashionable creations of various designers. You yourself can become such a jewelry designer. After learning the principles of weaving from beads, adding to your eyes on the compatibility of materials and colors, with diligence and assiduity, you will receive unique, unmatched decorations.
Pendant of beads is a very original decoration, itLong since adorned the costumes of many peoples. The beauty and simplicity of its manufacture still do not leave indifferent women's hearts, who know how to see the fine in every detail.
We present you master classes for weaving andEmbroidery beaded pendants. You can choose what you like or master them all. In return, you will receive beautiful patterns of weaving from beads that will decorate and complement your image.

Pendant from beads "Southern Night"

This simple shape pendant will suit both a young girl and a mature lady. Perfectly matches with different styles of clothes and attracts looks with a mysterious glint of black cabochons.

The pendant repeats the shape of the cross, but you canPerform in a triangular or five, hexagonal performance, as it seems appropriate. Stones are also used at the discretion of the master. In this case it's a cabochon, but you can take that stone that fits your energy or the color of your eyes. But then select the beads for the main color of the composition.
For the "South Night" pendant, you will need:

  • Large transparent beads of gold and black;
  • Stones for the base of the pendant;
  • Beads under the color of stones;
  • Fishing line;
  • Fabric doublerine;
  • Fabric for the pendant base;
  • Line or monofilament;
  • needle for beads;
  • Glue Moment.

We start our master class. For the first stage, we will need fabric, stones and beads. Let's start with the outline of our suspension. To do this, you need to compact the duplicate. Cut the fabric into three rectangles measuring 10 * 8 cm. Sprinkle the pieces with water, fold with a pile and iron with a hot iron that they are stuck together. Now lay out the stones on the fabric and draw an approximate outline of their location in the work. Keep in mind that between the main stones, beads will be sewn in 2 rows, so you need to leave a place for it, so that the embroidered rows are slightly in contact, and not nalazali on each other.
Cabochons glue glue to the base and beginEmbroidery with beads of black color. The end of the thread is fixed on the inside of the work, the needle is drawn to the face, close to the stone. And string 2 beads. To determine the location of the next puncture with a needle, attach the beads to the fabric and sew the beads along the outline.

Again, draw the needle on the front side of the work. We make a puncture between sewn beads.
We pass the needle into the second bead, as seen in the photo.

Again, we type on the thread 2 beads. Also, we apply also to the outline, which is to determine where to insert the needle, and we sew beads.

We get a chain of 4 beads. Be sure that the beads lie tightly one after another.

Again, draw a needle between the last and the penultimate bead.
And we pass the needle with the thread into the last bead. Igloo put on the wrong side of the work.
In the same way, embroidery continues around the stone until the series is finished.

The last bead is fixed to the fabric. The needle is drawn to the wrong side between the first and last beads of the row and is taken back in the same place, only close to the stone. As you can see in the photo.

We type on the thread 1 bead of the same color.

Now we begin the weaving. We insert the needle into the first bead of the previous row, as shown in the photo. Thus, continue the weaving through one bead.

As a result, in the end, you get a little sun with short beams. When the last ray is performed, the thread is fastened and removed from the inside by the needle also between the first and last beads of the very first row.
This is clearly seen in the photo.

Now begin the weaving with beads of golden color. Put the needle in the first ray.
We string the gold bead and the needle through the second ray.
So, we continue the weave until all the gaps between the rays are filled.

We tighten the line as much as possible, pull the thread out to the underside, fix it well and cut it off. The first stone is covered, now we also weave all the rest.
Here's what should happen in the end:

We continue the embroidery. We deduce the needle in the center of the work, thread on the thread 2 beads of black color and embroider according to the already known principle of the snake. It starts in the center and braids the bottom stone to the middle.

Here we sew a black matte bead of a small size, a bead and again a black bead.
Here's what happens:

Sew a third black bead of a larger size and continue to embroider.

Snake back through the center and also sew the upper stone.
Now we sew around the contour side stones, sewing along the black beads.
Here's how to get our pendant:

We proceed to the design of the wrong side.
Cut out the same rectangle as for embroidery, 10 * 8 cm from any fabric that you have. You can use artificial skin.
Sew a double lining with a lining.
Carefully cut the pendant around the contour, leaving a gap of 1-2 mm.
We process the edge. We sew beads, stringing on a thread on 1 bead, a seam stitch.

Continue to sheathe the suspension along the perimeter. On the top of the pendant, sew a small ring to hang the pendant on the chain.

Our pendant South night is ready.
Unusual and unpretentious design, allows without schemesAnd patterns create many variations of such decorations. In this master class, only a few methods of working with beads are used, but in the end an ornament is obtained worthy of all praise.

Pendant from beads "Wave"

Any fashionista can dream of such an ornament. For his weaving with his own hands will need quite a bit of beads, if desired, you can attach a small suspension in the bottom of the pendant. If you master the weave of the wave, you can create different ornaments from these elements.
Prepare for the pendant "Wave":

  • Faceted beads with a diameter of 3 mm;
  • Beads sizes Nos. 8, 11, 15;
  • Line or monofilament;
  • 2 needles for beads.

Here, and all the materials. In our master class we use beads of blue color, beads of blue-black and lilac color. You can choose your colors or use the beads that are available.
We start a master class with weaving a chain of crosses,While using beads and beads of different sizes. We thread 3 beads on the string: bead No. 8, a beaded blue bead, bead No. 15. Then we pass the filaments into the faceted bead towards each other. Look at the photo.

We continue this weaving according to the same scheme. Threading all the time on the left thread seed beads number 8, and on the right - number 15. So continue until we make 4 crosses. On the fifth on both threads we will string beads №11.

Next we continue the weaving according to the scheme: First 3 crosses with beads No. 11, then again 4 crosses with beads No. 15 and No. 8, only in the mirror image of the first four crosses. Thus, we get a smooth bend of the chain because of the different size of the beads.

Now we cross both threads in 5 beads of size # 11. And we continue the weaving in the opposite direction.

We weave between the beads additional beads, as shown in the photo.

To connect the elements-waves, we deduce the filaments in the first cross, where we used beads No. 11.

We begin the weave immediately, without cutting the thread. The second element is attached to the middle of the 5 beads № 11 after 5 crosses and continue the weaving of the beads to the end.

If you want to sew a suspension and a ring for hanging the pendant, then do this last.

To make a pendant of beads by one's own handsYou need to be very experienced in beading, it will take quite a bit of material and time. And in the end, you get beautiful patterned and carved knick-knacks, dear to the woman's heart. You can decorate yourself with your own hands, as well as for close people. Even a man will appreciate the suspension with the abbreviation or logo of his car, which can be hung on a bunch of keys or on a panel in the car. And for the interior you can create beautiful things with elements of beads or completely made of small beads. Stock up with different schemes, soon you are so entangled in beading that looking at complex schemes, you will immediately see where and how they can be applied.
Pendants made of beads can be so different andUnlike each other, that every woman will find among the finished products something that she will like. Screw pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces from beads, complement your outfits with fashionable and beautiful accessories, create beauty with your own hands - it's so simple!

Video: Lessons of weaving beads from beads and beads