Pendant "Heart" of polymer clay: a master class for children

Pendant "Heart" of polymer clay: a master class for children

Polymer clay heart Polymer clay original heart pendant- This is a great gift to yourself or girlfriend. And you can wear it not only on Valentine's Day, but always, when a good mood and suitable outfit. Creativity of this kind is not only a fascinating activity; It will give a wonderful result - a pendant that will please more than one day. Not all children love to sculpt: plasticine is quite difficult to handle, especially if the child has weak fingers. Yes, and crafts from plasticine impractical. Another thing - polymer clay! The ability to make yourself jewelry or toys that you can really play, very attractive to children. And when the child acquires some experience, it will be possible to wipe at the experiments more difficult: for example, to do, and, of course,. But back to our pendant. In order to make a necklace with a heart pendant, which will be decorated with interesting beads, you will need to prepare the necessary tools and materials.

To make a heart out of polymer clay, you will need:

polymer clay - white, red, pink,orange, yellow, blue, hot pink; You can take any color clay; fittings - one pin, waxed pink cord (about 70-80 cm), connecting ring; tools - toothpick, pliers, blade or stationery knife, stand for drying products, superglue, varnish for products from polymer clay.

How to make a heart out of polymer clay: a master class

Take a piece of white clay, skate itball, and then gently take a finger to get a layer. This is a blank for a heart-shaped pendant, therefore, in size, you need to make the blank the same size as the finished pendant. Polymer clay for heart suspension Make a small cut on top and form a heart. Polymer clay heart pendant base Now we roll two small balls from red polymer clay. This will be the middle for your flowers, which will be located at the edges of the heart. Polymer clay heart decoration Prepare two small balls for each flower from blue, orange and yellow polymer clay. And put them around the red heart. Polymer clay baby heart Do the same with the second flower. Now on a white heart there will be two different colored flowers on the sides. Each ball of which the flowers are composed, we will press the tip of the toothpicks. Polymer clay heart decoration Take a light pink polymer clay and skatatwo balls. Then, using the fingers, press the same way to form a layer. Use the blade to make cuts and form a heart. Put the first heart on the pendant on the left side under the flower. Polymer Clay Heart Sculpting Then put the second heart on the right side. Take a piece of red polymer clay and make a heart out of it, about the same size as light pink hearts. Put it below. How to make a heart out of polymer clay Take a pin and, if necessary, shorten it (for this you can use the cutting part of pliers or nippers). Pina for pendant Insert a pin from any side into a pendant made of polymer clay. Polymer clay heart pendant Now let's start making beads. Take the light pink clay and make two balls of the same size. Polymer clay beads And also prepare two balls of smaller red clay. Polymer clay beads Of them we make hearts according to the scheme described above. And attach the hearts to the bead. Fingers well take. Polymer clay beads We make two balls of red polymer clay for beads. Polymer clay beads Now, in the same way that we didflowers for pendant, let's make flowers for beads. You can use blue, hot pink, yellow, orange and red clay for the leaves, as well as white clay for the core. Well take a finger flowers to the bead. Polymer clay beads Beads strung on a toothpick. Now products can be baked or cooked. When they are ready, you need to pull out the pin from the pendant, and from the beads - toothpicks; lubricate with super glue pin and re-insert into the heart pendant. We put in the connecting ring pin. You can varnish all products. Polymer clay heart: master class Take the cord, put on the first bead, make a knot, then make the knot again and put on the next bead, knot again. Now you need to insert the pendant and thread the other two beads in the same way. Polymer Clay Children's Beads Polymer clay heart-shaped necklace is ready! Polymer clay heart Evgenia Khonovets (infigirl) specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: