Peony from beads with own hands in the master class (photo)

Peony from beads with own hands in the master class (photo)


There are many wonderful and original colors,The beauty of which can be repeated without too much effort in beadwork. Such a miracle of nature, like a peony of beads, can become an exquisite decoration in the house or a wonderful present for loved ones and friends. For beginners, this lesson with video accompaniment can be the beginning of creativity, as well as an exciting activity.

Master class on weaving a peony from beads

What is required for pion weaving:

  • 50 g of greenish tones of beads;
  • 100 g beads burgundy or pink;
  • Wire for the stem (can be 4 pieces, each 40 cm, diameter 1.2 mm);
  • Wire thread 0.3 mm, 0.9 mm, 1 mm;
  • Scotch tape bilateral;
  • Shiny green ribbon along the length of 3 m;
  • Green corrugated paper;
  • Spinner.

Now it is already possible to start harvesting a peony, andThis master class with joy in this will be an assistant. To begin with, it is necessary to thread the beads onto a wire thread somewhere 1 meter long. Further, the remaining end of the wire is screwed in this order, so that one edge remains approximately 10 cm, as shown in the diagram. Now, on the short tip of the wire, you should put 20 beads on, and shift the large main edge vertically with a smaller end. The first wire is to be tied around a small circle, and also make a turn from the beads once. It turned out two folds at the pion. It is necessary to go so on the ring until 7 arcs of beads are formed.

Then it is necessary to cut the wire thread,Twist it, loop also cut. Now cover the rest of the edge, leaving about 4 mm, and cut off. The flower has its first leaflet. Such petals of beads with 7 folds should be 6 pieces at the pion.

Next, beadwork of python petals from 11 arcs is produced, which are created similarly. They need to make 14 stuff.

Now it is already possible to master the core: You need to thread 40-50 beads on the wire, and also fix the loop for the peony, as demonstrated in the photo. Then, not cutting off the metal thread, you should go 5 mm to count the beads again to create the eyelet, until you get 10 loops from the pion, as this master class represents.

Now the leaves and bud for the peony are made. Leaves from beads will be produced in the same way as petals - 4 pieces for a bud. Peony weaving will take place with the help of a spinner, on which beads are put on. At first, go green beads, and then beads of burgundy or pink colors, as the scheme.

Again you need to cut a piece of wire in sizeSomewhere 50 cm to form a loop, and also to collect 10 pieces of beads of green tones, and then pink color. Beading is repeated: leaves a petal with 11 folds, to which you want to weave 4 leaves. Peony from beads should have sheets of 7 arcs similarly with smaller petals. It should be done 9 pieces of leaves and combine to 3.

For the sepal of the flower, 5 loops are made, and 30 beads are strung on each.

Peonies from beads can now be joined. To do this, take a metal thread for the stem, at the top on the end of the tape is wrapped up and a center is attached from the loops of the beads. Then, thin and large petals along the circumference of the pion are screwed. All this ends up by tying the sepals.
Now you need to attach a wire thread to the sheetsWith a diameter of 1 mm. Next, you need to wrap the stalk of the peony of the petals with tape of tape, then a strip of corrugated paper. Take the wire 0,9 mm, cover it in half, glue the tape on the edge, and also the petals for the bud of the pion opposite each other, fasten in the middle with a piece of metal thread and create a ball. The flower will already have a bud. Then the leg is wrapped with a shiny ribbon and scotch tape, and, during the needlework, one branch of peony leaves is installed. Similarly you should do with the main flower.

Now a wonderful creation of beads is ready, which everyone can easily make himself.

Another master class for making a peony can be viewed on video.

Video: How to make peony from beads