Step-by-step drawing with a watercolor of a bird will not cause you any difficulties if you follow the instructions

Step-by-step drawing with a watercolor of a bird will not cause you any difficulties if you follow the instructions

Drawing with a watercolor of a bird is quite affordableabsolutely everything. Moreover, such a drawing can be performed not only alone, but also together with other family members. Particularly interesting is the process of working for children. Thus, you not only enjoy creativity, but also each other's society. And so that during work you do not have any difficulties, use the step-by-step instructions that we offer in this article. Watercolors are familiar to every person from childhood. It was with their help that we created our first drawings in the kindergarten and primary school classes. Of course, not always and not all of us liked this occupation and the reason for such a negative is obvious - the inability to draw. But, nothing is impossible. Absolutely every person can master this kind of art, even if he does not have a special talent. Enough to be patient and use the technique of step-by-step drawing. Today's lesson is drawing a bird's watercolor. You can easily see for yourself how easy and simple it is, and very interesting. To complete the drawing, we need to take tools and materials

  • White sheet of paper
  • Pencil simple
  • Eraser (just in case)
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Water tank
  • Brushes for drawing

At the first stage of the work we need to do the mostsimple sketch-sketch with a simple simple pencil. Do not put too much pressure on the pencil. Lines and contours should be barely visible and only slightly noticeable. Absolutely no need to draw all the elements and details of our future colorful image. We will paint them only with watercolor. Drawing a watercolor bird. Photo №1 Now the paper with the drawn sketch is attached to thetablet. As a fastening element, you can use conventional paper tape. Now a little wet sheet of paper. On which we will draw, but only around the outline. It must remain dry. Make a small number of strokes with ultramarine-colored ink, as well as a mixture of yellow ocher and red. On damp paper, the paint will flow. If the result does not satisfy you for one reason or another, you can add some more paint, make additional strokes. Drawing a watercolor bird. Photo # 2 Using a bright blue watercolor. We paint the wings of our bird. This should be done so that the shade turns out to be translucent. We mix two colors - ultramarine and violet. The resulting shade as a result of the blending, we will draw details on the head of a forest bird. Applying the above-mentioned color shades, draw a breast. In this case, the tone should be weakly visible, translucent. Drawing a watercolor bird. Picture №3 The next stage of the creative process isclarification of image details. We collect on a brush a water color of black color and draw an eye. The branch on which the bird sits, we make a brown, you can not very saturated. Do not necessarily twig the branch carefully in all details. It will still look harmonious in the overall concept of our drawing. At the same stage, we slightly darken the bird's breast. For this purpose, you can use either umber or sepia. We make several light smears on the wings, and also cover the bird's beak. Beak tone should be light, do not weight the image visually. Drawing a watercolor bird. Photo №4 Given that we are only learning to drawwatercolor and can not, like real painters, make the necessary tone of the picture in the place where it is necessary, we will approach the logical conclusion of the drawing in several stages. Therefore, the next step will be a gradual strengthening of the saturation of tones and shades. Take the black paint and continue to apply the smears in the required places. We need to add feathers. To do this, take a small, thin brush. If you do not like something in the finished background or the bird itself, you can easily tinker with the pattern, adding a couple of strokes. Drawing a watercolor bird. Photo №5 Our drawing, painted with watercolors, is completely ready. Let's leave it a little dry and you can use it as a decoration, for example, by placing it in a frame and hanging it on the wall.